Just Because I Promised…

Waaaaayyyyy back I promised to post a picture of the group we took on our Youth Mission Trip to Texas in late May. So, here it is!

DSC03234 (1)
Our theme for the week was “It’s a God Thing” and it really was! The purpose for our theme was to get the students to be aware of God’s presence in their lives ALL THE TIME, and we have seen fruit since then that tells us that at least most of them really have been making that effort. What a blessing to watch people grow closer to their Lord!!

2 thoughts on “Just Because I Promised…”

  1. What a nice looking group of teens. I am so glad that they took something away from that experience of helping others and serving God at the same time.I love seeing my Bailey Bug right in the middle!Love you guys!Mom/Grams


  2. My heart leaps when I read about young people serving the Lord! Hope to come back here often…You're invited to visit me:www.heavenlyhumor.blogspot.comLight humor from a good GOD…


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