Love, Hate & Chocolate – What If? Wednesday

It’s time for another What If? Wednesday, so here we go…no order, rhyme or reason, I’m all over the place! 🙂

WHAT IF chocolate lowered your cholesterol???

WHAT IF you could no longer eat, drink or speak? Like movie critic Roger Ebert, amazing story! (You caught me, I watched Oprah for a few minutes last night)

WHAT IF we spent less time “hatin’ on” celebrities & reality tv personalities?

WHAT IF we spent more time “lovin’ on” people we actually know??

WHAT IF Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White (aka the Flying Tomato) was on Dancing with the Stars?  He could put down an isane double McTwist 1260, it would be tight!…Huh?

WHAT IF you could actually convince a teenager they really will use algebra in real life?

WHAT IF you are over 30 and you could actually convince a teenager of anything?

WHAT IF we made a BIG deal out of God EVERY DAY??????????

WHAT IF every color made you look skinny? I’m just sayin…

WHAT IF we all really do have a “Hillbilly Bone” down deep inside? Can’t get this catchy song out of my head!

Don’t forget to allow yourself to ask “what if?”…Have a beautiful day!

1 thought on “Love, Hate & Chocolate – What If? Wednesday”

  1. What if my computer would actually work right for once? (without bogging down everytime I try to do anything on it)…I would be so happy!I couldn't hear the sound cuz a little warning popped up and said it was making my computer run too slow, so I should abort the player that was trying to play it?!*?!What if I told you how thrilled I am that you are my daughter!!! Would ya believe me when I said how thankful I am? (:>)What if I got up off my seat and on my feet and actually got some exercise…maybe I could lose a few pounds!I do plan to be more active very soon.Glad you are blogging again.Love, Mom


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