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The After-Christmas Christmas Home Tour

I have heard from many people that they have cleaned up the Christmas decor to prepare for a fresh New Year’s start.  Since I decorate more for Christmas than most other times of the year I like to enjoy it as long as possible, so we usually start taking ours down January 2.  I decided to go ahead and post the pictures I took earlier this month and share our little cozy cottage with you just because.  Besides, there are still after-Christmas sales going on…which is where I have purchased plenty of my decorations over these many years. Maybe someone will be inspired.


Early on in my homemaking I used to dream of having a “Christmas House” that looked like a magazine picture.  With age, and I hope wisdom, my focus has changed.  Christmas is not about decorating.  I now decorate to draw attention to why we celebrate…Emmanuel, God with us!  Featured items: Creation – evergreen (for everlasting life) and the other “faux-tanicals” of the season (pinecones, poinsettias, berries), birds (doves that remind me of the Holy Spirit and other birds that make me think of sparrows [Matthew 10, Luke 12]); Light (and items that reflect light) because Jesus is the light of the world and we, also, are to be light-bringers; Nativity (for obvious reasons); and Angels! Several of my decor items were received as gifts or “inherited” – which also makes them meaningful.  The plate above was hand painted for us by a thoughtful church member a couple of years ago.



Christmas decorating does not have to be expensive.  What did I purchase for this year? A couple of new battery-operated candles, batteries for candles, 2 very inexpensive packs of glitter ornaments (to add some more turquoise) and 4 new ornaments for a couple of my vignettes…that’s it! You can add to your collection, as I have, over time and care for them to make them last.  I have lots of branch garland I purchased way back (I know I didn’t pay more than $3 for each 9ft garland). Again, check those post-holiday sales for bargains.  The 3 felt snowflakes on my mantel this year were purchased last year at Target for 50 or 75 cents apiece!  If, unlike me, you can take a walk in your yard or the woods and collect pine cones and snip greenery for free – GO FOR IT! Look for beaded garland at those sales, too.  It’s so versatile. You can swag it in a garland, on your tree or over a mirror. It also looks wonderful in a hurricane or just piled in a pretty dish!!




These angels were my mother-in-law’s.  They are actually candlesticks and basically made of plastic and paper, probably purchased in the 70’s.  My husband remembers them on their dining room table every year.  Barbara is now residing with the angels in heaven.  I like to use them knowing she would be thrilled.  Admire their unique retro-ness. 🙂


The plaid table runner was also hers (though not old, I don’t think).  I decided to use it and just make the most of it.  I already had gold damask place mats that play up the gold thread.  Add a gold candle to the hurricane and voila!




Notice the top shelf above on the right.  That is an old iron stool leg I purchased at a garage sale a few years ago.  I turned it upside down and put an upside-down ornament (one of my few purchases this year) in it.

I also did the upside-down ornament trick in my favorite pair of candlesticks!


Another make-do favorite this year.  I had leftover faux poinsettias and berry sprigs and decided they would look good in this green urn.  So, I filled the urn about halfway with clear marbles and arranged the fauxtanicals.  I had planned to place it on the hearth tiles, but when it was finished I realized I didn’t have enough to fill it (you could see down into the glass marbles).  Solution – put it on top of the curio cabinet and no one’s the wiser!! (Oh, except I just told you, hee hee).


If you’ve read my blog for a while you might already know of my love for typography and inspirational words.  So, of course, there are words!


Well, I guess that’s about it.  Thanks for joining me on my little tour…I hope you had fun.  I know I have enjoyed checking out others’ homes this month.


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Have a Beautiful Day!!!

5 thoughts on “The After-Christmas Christmas Home Tour”

    1. I resemble that remark…a little 🙂 But really there are only 3 of those products in my pics, hee hee. I’m trying not to dread the un-decorating in a few days!


  1. Hey there Lisa LaRee….This year you really out-did yourself! Everything looks so beautiful! I LOVE It!!! 🙂

    You certainly have a gift of making a beautiful and inviting home!

    Love you,


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Suzanne! We got most of ours down on the 2nd…but there are still a few stragglers that got forgotten (a runner here, some Christmas plates there). Right now my house is still sparse (and disorganized) because I haven’t finished the transition to winter decor (maybe because we are having early fall weather so much around here)? But, I’m with you. I work to hard on it and enjoy it too much to go tearing it down on December 26!!


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