Life is crazy. Life is beautiful.
May you find something here that will help you celebrate
the weird & wonderful blessing of it all!

I’m Lisa:Lisa5_17

  • wife to a pastor
  • mom to 1 grown woman & 2 dogs
  • leader, learner, organizer, fun-lover
  • coffee, tea & water drinker
  • proud embracer of free highlights & expression lines (you might know them as gray hair & wrinkles)
  • creator & admirer of pretty things
  • purveyor of yummy onion-free & garlic-free food out of necessity and hunger
  • plains-dweller who dreams of the mountains
  • follower of a risen Savior

I’ve learned to appreciate the unexpected & creative in life and God has given me plenty of it.  I love to share what I’ve learned and experienced in the hope that it can encourage or inspire (perhaps occasionally entertain or amuse) others along the way.

I try not to take myself too seriously and just enjoy the journey of this crazy beautiful life.  Thanks for stopping by!

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