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Yes, It IS a Post About Pickles!

If you're not allergic to allium (onions, garlic, etc.) try a little experiment. Next time you are at the grocery store pick up some jars of pickles. Read the labels and try to find some that don't contain "onion (including dehydrated or powder), garlic, spices or natural flavors". This pretty much works for most "packaged"… Continue reading Yes, It IS a Post About Pickles!

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Cinnamon Coffeecake Love

I’m actually not going to post the recipe to this incredibly yummy coffeecake…because it’s not my recipe.  I didn’t change a thing.  I made it as-is, and it was good.  I love the King Arthur Flour company and the recipe for Cinnamon-Streusel Coffeecake came from them, so I’m just going to link to it and… Continue reading Cinnamon Coffeecake Love

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Quick Note with Some Lovely Links

Daughter returned Monday evening from a front-end-of-spring-break 4-day mission trip to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  Here’s the whole group {missionary family are the 4 on the left, my girl is the one in the front wearing the “Red” shirt}.  They knocked out some serious work and got to love on the kiddos on… Continue reading Quick Note with Some Lovely Links