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Yes, It IS a Post About Pickles!

If you're not allergic to allium (onions, garlic, etc.) try a little experiment. Next time you are at the grocery store pick up some jars of pickles. Read the labels and try to find some that don't contain "onion (including dehydrated or powder), garlic, spices or natural flavors". This pretty much works for most "packaged"… Continue reading Yes, It IS a Post About Pickles!

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Get Your Bouillon On!

Maybe when it's called for in a recipe, or you just want to ramp up the flavor in a dish you can simply throw in a cube (or teaspoon) or two of commercial bouillon. That's great if that's how you roll. However, that's just not possible for someone who is allergic to the allium family… Continue reading Get Your Bouillon On!

sautéed kale
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Sauteed Kale with Crushed Red Pepper

Happy Weekend! Thought I would end the week by sharing the recipe for Sauteed Kale I served with my Artichoke Chicken. Mostly when I hear about sauteed greens, garlic and often onions are involved. That's great if you can have those things, but I can' I wondered what I might do instead. Here's what I… Continue reading Sauteed Kale with Crushed Red Pepper

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Rockin’ Chili & Tex-Mex Seasoning

If you haven't tried making your own seasoning should!  My trying it developed mostly out of necessity, since so many contain onion and/or garlic powder.  I also love the fact that I can control the ingredients, making things as healthy as possible.  Did you know that those seasoning or "mix" envelopes generally contain tons… Continue reading Rockin’ Chili & Tex-Mex Seasoning