A Different What If? and a Meditation

I am suffering from a terrible case of Glue Ear (which I have decided stands for Good Luck Unplugging (it) Ever!) so my creative juices have just not been themselves this week.  So, What If I take a little detour this Wednesday to share a tiny bit about me & my peeps? (Especially since I have a couple of new readers to which I am not related, ha ha.)

First thing you should know is I am NOT photogenic…

DSC04848 (1)
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Sometimes I think the photos that look the most “like me” are the goofy ones like this one my niece took at Thanksgiving

…so, I don’t know how many pictures I’ll post that have me in them.

Second, apparently my husband, daughter and I never stay still in the same place long enough for anyone to take pictures of us together (or if they do, either they don’t turn out well or the family photogs don’t share them with us, haha).  So, here are pictures of us the same day, at the same cousin’s wedding that hubby officiated…but just not taken together.  Hubby (Brad) & Me…and Beautiful Bailey

And Third, Here’s the one who is really in charge of our house.  His name is Riley. He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi (aka Clown Dog) and he lets us live with him and spoil him…

Lastly, here is a scripture and thought I have been meditating on today.  I’ve been thinking maybe we love God with our hearts and souls, but forget to guard and love Him with our minds sometimes.  What do you think?

Matthew 22:36-39 (New International Version)

36″Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Praying for Ivey and her family today, will you join me?
Have a beautiful day!

6 thoughts on “A Different What If? and a Meditation”

  1. your family is be-you-tiful! love the verse. i'm going to go learn about ivey so i can be in prayer for them. happy wednesday. you are photogenic, btw.


  2. Well first of all, you are beautiful and photogenic. I hate pictures of myself too. My kids always get mad at me because I delete most of them. Sometimes I look at close up pictures and go yikes! My wrinkles show up way too much these days.You do look pretty natural in that goofy picture. hee heeThanks for the scripture – so simple, yet sometimes so hard to do.Love you.LynnettePS Regarding Ivey and that post about her – I think that we have to know our children and guide them according to who they are. I would never ever think you were wrong for the choices you make regarding your family even if we make different choices in certain areas. God leads us – the important thing is that we follow. You are doing a wonderful job knowing and loving your daughter – and protecting her from things that you think might affect her negatively.


  3. Our pics are all so sporadic, too and we're rarely all together as a family in them! And I think we all agree–you are definitely photogenic! : )


  4. Well, thanks ladies. I honestly was not fishing for compliments. Trust me when I say your views are tainted by my NOT posting the 95% of pictures of me that are hideous…haha…I am fearfully and wonderfully made, but not usually marvelously photographed, lol. Lisa


  5. So So true…I definitely did not guard my mind yesterday. I love the picture of the pup! So cute! I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. I needed to hear what you wrote! I'm a new follower! HOpe you have a greaT Thursday!amy[www.theprikazskys.com]


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