It’s Spring Break! – What If? Wednesday

Even though it doesn’t quite look it outside yet, it IS Spring Break ’round these parts. Hubby is home for a week of stay-cation…and we have lots to do around here, plus we’re having some fun, too. But, let’s get to…

This week’s entry’s gonna have a lot of images, but I guess that’s just the way I’m feeling it this week 🙂

WHAT IF a few high school students decide to start Spring Break 2010 with a get-together at the home of a couple of youth leaders? and…

WHAT IF that get-together turns into an impromptu sleepover? and…

WHAT IF those students (and leaders) have enough cash to purchase some toilet paper and plastic wrap?

I think they did an awesome job with the youth pastor’s vehicle, don’t you?

WHAT IF we could park our cars in our 2 car garage?  Oh wait, as of this morning – thanks to a visit from the garage door repairman, we can! (we get around to fixing things after we’ve suffered for a few months, it builds character)

WHAT IF Didi and Casey (from American Idol) got married and had babies? I know, where does THAT come from?  I just have thoughts sometimes 🙂

WHAT IF you were a love letter? You ARE…more in a later post (2 Corinthians 3:3 ESV)

And you show that you are a letter from Christ delivered by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the Living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

WHAT IF I could settle my idea-filled brain long enough to get some Spring cleaning, reorganizing & decorating done???  I am getting it done, slowly-but-surely, and hope to post more next week with an update on my revolutions…here are some things that have inspired me lately (click on the images to be taken to the sites where I got some inspiration)


WHAT IF the new show hubby & I have both become completely addicted to, but which hasn’t been on since before Thanksgiving, was going to come back on tomorrow night?  It is!!!…


WHAT IF I just give you a break and stop right here?

Have a beautiful day!

4 thoughts on “It’s Spring Break! – What If? Wednesday”

  1. this is a great post! some great humor, fun and scripture. such a sweet combo. the ai couple match made me die laughing. i think you are so right about them. they better invite you to the wedding.


  2. Great post! I can't believe the toilet paper…too funny! I remember doing that in my younger days:) Lol! Those rooms are adorable…I wish I could decorate like that:)Have a great Wed!


  3. How fun was that? 🙂 I loved that post. I'll bet the teens helped you un-do all of that too, right? Uh huh.Yes, Didi and Casey would make very cute little blonde babies. ha! That WAS random you know.I LOVE the color combination in the bedroom pic. I told Jared we should do his room in those colors. Awesome!Well, it's WAY too late. Julia was going to spend the night but at midnight said she wanted to go home because she wasn't feeling well. So… I just got back home. Poor thing.Love ya sis.Lynnette


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