Back from a week off – What If? Wednesday

Wasn’t planning on taking an entire week off from posting…but (A) Mr. Migraine went away for a day, then came back again…and (B-Z) I started waaaaayyyyy too many projects a couple of weeks ago and I’m just now getting them finished!

WHAT IF I decided to paint all of the “hard” furniture in my house black or white? I ask this question ALOT! (we have done a couple of pieces – and, no, these are not mine)

WHAT IF my puppy-dog LOVED our new curtains in the living room that can open so he can see what’s going on out front? He does! (look at that cute little fluffy-butt)

WHAT IF I had a Rachael Ray Easy ButtonAny time I didn’t feel like cooking I could press it and she would show up (with groceries of course) and whip us up something in 30 minutes – Yum-O!  She would have to learn to cook without onions (I’m allergic), though, which would be a HUGE adjustment for her.

WHAT IF I could have all of the fabric-lined baskets I wanted, without going broke? Pretty-and-useful…my favorite combo!

WHAT IF my sweet little mama got a new car?  She did!  Look how cute she is (she deserves it)…

WHAT IF someone loves me so much that he DIED just for me – to pay for all of the selfish, prideful, thoughtless, reckless, hurtful things I have ever done (or, unfortunately, will do)?  The GREAT NEWS is – Christ DID and then He rose 3 days later…and that means I get to live with Him forever!!  I hope and pray you appreciate the true meaning of this Holiest of weeks…and that you CELEBRATE it all year long!

Have a beautiful day (and if you don’t come back before then, a Beautiful, Blessed Easter)!

9 thoughts on “Back from a week off – What If? Wednesday”

  1. I like your What-If Wednesdays…seems like I would go back on what I tell my kids-{All The Time}-there are no What-ifs??:)


  2. I Loved your "What ifs" today!I like the idea of Rachel Ray showing up with groceries and whipping up a 30 minute meal!!!! Wouldn't that be cool?You are sweet to post pictures of me with my new car. Thanks for being happy for me. I am enjoying it.Your Riley picture is cute with him looking out the window. Looks like he is really glad that his mama got new curtains that open up so he can see outside!I like your pictures of the black and white painted furniture items. I think black is awesome. But white is also cool in a Shabby Chic kind of way. Maybe not to paint everything…just a few items here and there would look nice.Oh,…and yes, baskets with fabric liners are nice.Have a nice day sweet daughter.Love,Mom


  3. That post made me happy! From white painted furniture to cute fluffy butts, to our momma in her new car! Loved it! :)Fabric lined baskets would make me pretty happy too. I don't think I've ever had one, but they sure are pretty. Of course, the happiest part is that Jesus gave his life for me too! Oh how I love Jesus… because he first loved me.I like your What If posts. Definitely fun!Love you.Lynnette


  4. Hello Auntie,I LOVE your What If posts! You should make it a link up someday. It would be totally fun! :)I painted all of the furniture in my room black or white except for my giant desk, because that would have take WAY too long, and I probably would have ruined something along the way. 😛 Anyway, I LOVE it! You should seriously consider doing it. Especially since you like to decorate seasonally…cuz black and white go with EVERYTHING! So awesome!Love ya! Have a wonderful Easter! –Ab


  5. Oh yes…I forgot to say I am thankful for a loving Lord who died for me and took my sins away!Ten Thousand Hallelujahs!!!!!


  6. i don't know how i missed this post!!! i so want a rachel ray easy button. that sounds like bliss! : )


  7. I seriously wonder everyday if I should paint my furniture in my house white or black. I think black would work better since i have little kids…but white is tempting. I am coming from your little sisters blog btw. Aint little sister's fun? God Bless!


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