Well, it’s because I’ve been doing this…

I’ve been pretty quiet lately.  It’s been for many reasons (some of which I’ll share below), but I think one of the main reasons is that I’ve been having way too much fun being inspired by others to spend any time sharing my little somethings that might inspire you!  So here’s a little random wrap-up of what’s been going on:

We backed up the computer over the weekend – just in case.  This old dinosaur of a desktop is gonna go some day, and the way it’s been acting lately it could be sooner rather than later. I am very fond of my technology and when it does happen I just hope and pray we’ll be able to find some way to replace it. 😦

Remember this?

The custom sign I designed at DaySpring to enter The Nester’s giveaway…and then I won!
Well I changed the design a little bit and it arrived Saturday!!  It was packaged very nicely and wrapped in a pretty brown grosgrain ribbon with a congratulatory note inside.
Here it is in real life (sorry for the poor pics, I took them at night).  Notice the memory included on the back so I will remember how I came to possess this little lovely 🙂 BTW, the beautiful canvas below my new sign is also from DaySpring and was a Christmas gift from my mama.


My baby got her driver’s license on Friday!
Okay, so she’s not a baby any more (she’ll be 18 in November).  She was in no huge hurry to learn how to drive and get her license…and her dear-old-dad and I had nooooo problem with that. She’s not too fond of the pic, so I told her I’d keep it on the small side.
I’ve been trying to take the time to enjoy this beautiful Spring!  I have especially loved this view out my kitchen window (dandelions and all).  You can’t see the tippy-top of a pretty yellow forsythia right behind the valance tassel.
I made this yummy Lemon Blueberry Dump Cake.  I got the recipe from Sno White at Finding Joy in My Kitchen.  It was made by her hubby, Frog Prince (don’t ya just love the nicknames?) I recently discovered this blog — she has tons of yummy recipes to share!  Oh, and this week she’s sharing an Ice Cream Maker Giveaway!
Chances are you know someone who has experienced infertility and/or adoption…or may have yourself.  If not, I’m sure some day you will.  It is so difficult to express the many varying feelings one goes through.  Well, Amy at Our Journey Together shared a poem recently that illustrates a tiny piece of it beautifully!  This is a quick MUST READ!
God is incredibly good!  I’ve been taking some extra time to read more of His word, to learn more about how I can be a better Christ Follower, and doing some research & reading so I can encourage others to do the same.  He’s got some changes in store in the coming months in our ministry and I wait anxiously to see where He challenges us to go and who He challenges us to be!
If you’ve made it this far, thanks for following the randomness (and exclamation ! points). Have a beautiful day!

7 thoughts on “Well, it’s because I’ve been doing this…”

  1. I just love that sign! It looks great with the other pretty things on your wall. Congrats to Bailey for getting her license!


  2. I liked your "Random" post today Lisa LaRee.The sign is so nice…I'm so glad you won it. (I won something today too).I know that must have been a good feeling to get your old computer all backed up…ya just never know when they will crash!Dad is golfing today and I am supposed to be organizing my closet…but blogging is so much more fun. (I'm bad)!I am so excited that "our" baby girl got her license. She is a good girl…and such a sweetie.Well…all for now. Oh, except I wanted to say that it is so exciting to see how God is at work in all of our lives, and in our churches. God is good….all the time!Love, Mom


  3. Hi sissy. Did I just call you a sissy? Ha! Those random blog posts are my favorite kind! I love a little bit of this and s little bit of that. So glad for Bailey. I about died of nerves when I got my drivers license. Scary stuff. : /. Congrats on winning! Very nice. I need more word art. So inspirational – and I love being inspired!! It feels great having your computer backed up doesn't it? Good for you! I'll pray that God will provide a new computer at just the right time. I'm commenting using my iPhone and I'm not very fast so I'll quit now. Lovin' ya for sure for sure. Lynnette


  4. Congrats on winning the sign! That's so exciting! It looks JUST like you! I mean, not physically….but you know. Ha!Tell Bailey not to worry too much about the pic on her license…it CAN'T be as bad as mine. I look like I've been crying and just had my head smashed lengthwise between two heavy planks of wood. UGH! It's terrible. Yup…I've been backing up my computers too. I'm SO glad that we can do that! Otherwise, I think I'd live in constant fear of losing everything. That would be awful! Hope you find a way to replace your computer when/if it kicks the bucket.Tooooodles!–Ab


  5. I love the quote on that sign. Just great. I also love the canvas painting that your mom gave you. Just beautiful. Congrats to your "baby girl" on her license. I hope that mine are not in any hurry when the time comes either. Have a beautiful day!


  6. i've missed you! ; ) congrats on winning!!! you are talented… just like the rest of your whole entire family! the cake sounds yummy! the nail polish sounds like a lifesaver (not really, but you know what i mean). i'm real life friends with amy and i adore her. we've watched them battle infertility and are now rejoicing with them over their adoption!!! amen, God is good, all the time!!!!!


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