The Power of Grace

Have you heard about The Grace Card coming to theaters February 25? I had heard about and seen the trailer months ago and have been looking forward to seeing it. Imagine my dismay when I checked the website a couple of weeks ago and still did not see a theater listed in the largest city in my state!  Well, just about a week ago I found out there is a private screening for leaders in Wichita on Tuesday night. (If you are a church, ministry or community leader in the Wichita area who would like to attend the screening and spread the word about the movie afterward, contact me about an invitation).

The trailer gives me goosebumps…so I sure hope it lives up to my expectations!  Check out more about The Grace Card here. I’ll post an honest review after I’ve seen it.

Have a Beautiful Day {especially if it’s Crazy}!

3 thoughts on “The Power of Grace”

  1. Looking forward to it! Do you want to go together? I think we should…to save gas…and to visit on the way there and back! (:>)


  2. Thanks again for your support in sharing the news about The Grace Card movie that releases to theaters next Friday (2/25/2011)!Very quickly, I wanted to let you know about THE GRACE CARD app released on Facebook last weekend! This app provides you and your readers the opportunity to share an exclusive 5-minute clip of the movie with your Facebook friends!Please feel free to share this information/links on your blog as well:WATCH an exclusive 5-minute clip from the The Grace Card movie's FACEBOOK page before it opens in theaters across the nation next Friday, 2/25/2011!1. DIRECT LINK to app: http://apps.facebook.com/providentfilms/thegracecard/splash?utm_source=thegracecard_2_142. Link to Grace Card fan page: http://www.facebook.com/thegracecard?sk=app_7146470109


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