Some Randomness & The Giveaway Winner Random.org Picked!

Sleep is a wonderful {and very necessary thing}…and I didn’t experience nearly enough of it the past week, so my brain has kind of been a little “everywhere”.  Hence, some “randomness” is very appropriate. 🙂

  • THE GOOD NEWS – Since we are a ministry family, our weekend is Friday-Saturday…and we had a mass sleep-in this morning.  Even the dog enjoyed it. What a blessing that was!
  • CUPCAKES – I prefer cooking to baking, but I have had the urge to bake something both yummy and cute.  Making a meal tomorrow for a family whose dad/husband is recovering from heart surgery, so I’m going to make these for the first time.  {BTW, daughter wasn’t impressed until I told her I’d make some for us, too.}
  • BLOG PARTY –   PhotobucketMy sister is hosting a blog party next week!  It’s a great way to discover and learn about bloggers you maybe haven’t “met” before…and she’s rounded up some awesome prize-ness :).  I need to start working on my post.  Join us!!
  • CURRENT DIY PROJECT – I’ve found another use {okay, so maybe several} for that leftover antiquing gel from our door/art.  For a little sneak peek, it also involves this… 243984338{rawwrrrr!}
  •  HOW ABOUT SOME GRACE? – The Grace Card opens TODAY!  I’ve shared about it several times {you can click on the banner in my sidebar if you haven’t checked it out yet}.  You need to see this movie, but bring tissues – when I saw the screening I heard {seriously} more sniffles per capita than any other movie I have seen! PLUS, if you see it this weekend, you will also see a trailer for Courageous, which is coming in September
    The Winner is Comment # 12!
     Proverbs30one said…

    Neat! I’d love one of those big shoulder bags with buckles.

    20/2/11 1:47 AM

Congrats! Send me your email address {use the little grungey green envelope at the top of my sidebar} and I’ll send you your code!

Have a Beautiful Day {especially if it’s Crazy}!

1 thought on “Some Randomness & The Giveaway Winner Random.org Picked!”

  1. Congrats to your winner!Can't wait to see the finished project!Looking forward to the blog party over at Lynnette's.Hope The Grace Card does well and that people's lives are changed by it!Glad you all got to sleep in today!Love to you 3!Momma/Grams


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