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Because I {We} Don’t Take Enough Photos


This is the most recent picture taken of my little family…and it will be a year old before long!  Sometimes family members will try to snap a shot on the rare occasions they can get the three of us to sit or stand still long enough, but those often don’t turn out for one reason or another. My sister and niece have become quite the photography enthusiasts (I think sis took the pic above).  We REALLY need to schedule a photo shoot with them – desperately!!

During a recent blog party, one new visitor to my blog told me she had to go backward through several pages of posts to find a picture of my lovely daughter.  Hmmm, that would be because this is what normally happens when I try to take a picture of her…March15_2011 002

…and here’s a picture from immediately before or after prayer time before our family Christmas meal…note the darling one’s attitude evident in her face…March15Post

{Note: Something weird happened during the editing of the above photo, nephew Jared’s face isn’t normally that gray, ha ha}

01-18-2011 005 Hubby grew up in a situation where family photos pretty much stopped after a certain point in time {yes, there’s an untold story there}.  So taking photos of people doesn’t come naturally to him.  Even when I make him the subject, he often looks uncomfortable {or bored}.  Here’s one that’s actually not too bad {or silly, or sleepy, or bored} I think I took at the same family event.  On our honeymoon, most of the pictures we took were of scenery…evidence that we both hate to pose for pics.

Here’s one of the two of us at our Students’ Sweetheart 167589_10150094436231962_559891961_6862044_494_nBanquet at the church last month  {Hatfields & McCoys Theme}.  Wonder if I could get him to start carrying my weight in his face?


Since entering blogdom, questions like “Where are you going with the camera?” or “Why are you taking a picture of THAT?” are steadily becoming less frequent.  These are a few shots I have taken during projects & undertakings for coming posts.


I’m doing much better at remembering to take those…NEXT I am determined to get more PEOPLE shots of normal life {providing my people cooperate} 🙂   I hope you are doing a much better job at capturing life where you are!!

Have a Beautiful Day {especially if it gets a little Crazy}!

5 thoughts on “Because I {We} Don’t Take Enough Photos”

  1. Haha! This is a hilarious post… and I love that last picture of you and your husband- it's super cute. The frosting in your collage at the bottom is unfair amounts of yummy-looking! Are you going to do a post on that soon? *excited*


  2. I think that was me looking for your Bailey's picture! My 1 year old Bailey loves the camera but I am sure the older she gets the less pictures I will get of her also!! The joy of girls, right??


  3. I love to "have" pictures of everyone from when we get together..but I am not good at "taking" them. And dad is worse than I am. Ha!I love this top picture of you three!Yes, you definitely should schedule a photo shoot with Lynnette and Abigail soon. And Riley should be in the pictures too. (:>)Looks like you have serval projects in the works Lisa. Those cupcakes look amazing!Love you guys,Mom


  4. I'd LOVE to take pictures of you guys! I know Ab would too. Yeah, we don't have many family pictures either. Getting the 8 of us together, dressed, happy, clean, etc. almost never happens. It's like frown frown gripe yell… smile! Cheese! frown frown gripe yell… smile! Cheese!That was a fun post. :)So fun to find these blog posts to read! Your hoppin' on the blog wagon! Yowpah!Love,Lynnette


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