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My Girl and DaySpring Giveaway Extended!!

As you likely already know, Blogger was down for a couple of days this past week.  While I don’t believe I lost any comments {because of using a 3rd party commenting system}, I know that some bloggers did…SO, I am extending the entry period for my $20 DaySpring Giveaway to 11:59pm Central Time US on Monday, May 16.  The winner will be announced within a day or two after that.

Hope you all are having a tremendous weekend.  I spent a good portion of mine hunting down and going through 18 1/2 years of photos.  My darling daughter is graduating from high school this year and I needed pics for the church slide show.  Childhood truly does last but a moment…how does the time fly so?  Those of you with little ones, cherish each and every moment you possibly can!

 BaileyB06a BaileyB12 

Thanks for visiting…have a Beautiful day {especially if it gets a little Crazy}!

3 thoughts on “My Girl and DaySpring Giveaway Extended!!”

  1. Lisa…thanks for posting these pictures of our Bailey Girl…they are precious!  Yes, it is amazing how fast our lives fly by.  It just seems impossible that she has grown up so much since that fistI sure love that girl of yours!!!!!!I got my stuff from DaySpring and it is so nice.  I love DaySpring stuff!Love, Momma 


  2. Whoops…some of my comment didn't post.  It seems impossible that she has grown up so much since that *first picture!* 


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