What I {Hope I} Did This Summer

{1} Sat on my front porch – a LOT!Iced tea Flickr

{2} Drank lemonade and lots of iced tea {unsweetened for my health}

{3} Read at least 3 books I already owned, but hadn’t read yet

{4} Explored new territory with my husband and daughter {maybe even in our city/county, most likely in our state}

{5} Exercised 3-5 days a week

{6} Took a walk with my man at least once a week

{7} Read through the entire Bible gospels & prayed daily

{8} Ate more fresh produce, whole grains & lean meat poultry & fish

{9} Ate less sugar, read meat & processed food

{10} Lost 20 pounds {see #2, #5, #6, #8 and #9 above}

{11} Made a new friend

{12} Walked along the Arkansas River in Downtown Wichita {haven’t done that since college, I think}

{13} Listened to lots of uplifting music

{14} Went the whole summer without a food allergy reaction

{15} Laughed until I cried

{16} Learned something new

{17} Kept my lawn & plants alive in the hot, dry Kansas summer

{18} Loved until I thought my heart would burst

{19} Cleaned out the basement

{20} Watched God do something amazing…then shared it with others!

Of course I know there will be a lot of other things I experience these next three months, maybe something wonderful I haven’t even imagined yet, but these are some good goals to work toward I think.

What are your summer plans?

Thanks for visiting…have a Beautiful day {especially if it gets a little Crazy}!

2 thoughts on “What I {Hope I} Did This Summer”

  1. To get in better health eat right and walk more.  To do my Bible study faithfully and grow closer to the Lord.  To pray faithfully for others.  To go to Branson once or twice.  To plan and  host several Birthday parties for the family, and to take grandkids to the pool.  To eat some cold watermelon on a hot summer day, and to enjoy the summer evenings (I love them), and perhaps gaze at the stars with my Nebraska boy who loves doing that on a clear night.  To be the best friend I can be, and to keep in touch better with those I love.  Less computer…more of everything else!  (:>)   


  2. Well now that was smart! See, when you're having a blah summer day you can come back to this post and see what it was exactly that you said you wanted to do!  Yep, you're pretty dang smart sister. :)Love you.Happy almost summer!Love,Lynnette


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