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Is Your Husband or Father a Rich Man?

had the privilege of screening Courageous last week. This is the newest project to come from Sherwood Pictures, who also gave us Fireproof. Those I saw it with agreed it is their best yet! Enjoy this video clip from the movie…

In today’s society it is such a tremendous blessing to have godly fathers and husbands…if you have either {or both} make sure you take the time this weekend to let them know how much you treasure their love and leadership!!

Courageous opens on September 30…mark your calendars now and plan to see this film! The fathers in this film are policemen, so the material would not be suitable for very young children. I pray this movie will start a powerful movement among men…but also women and families, to be all that God has called them to be!

*I’ll post lots of pics from our Mini Adventure “Daycation” on Monday*

Thanks for visiting…have a Beautiful Fathers’ Day Weekend {especially if it gets a little Crazy}!

Disclaimer: Community, church and ministry leaders are often given the opportunity to pre-screen “faith-based” movies at no cost so that they can help spread the word prior to the movie’s release. I was able to screen Courageous for free…all opinions are completely my own.

3 thoughts on “Is Your Husband or Father a Rich Man?”

  1. Well you know I LOVED the movie!  I laughed and cried over and over again!It was the best movie they have made yet….and all of them are great.  (:>)  Like you, I hope lots of people will plan to see this film….but I am especially hoping that young fathers will see it. You have a Courageous man in your life!  Brad is a loving husband and father.  You and Bailey are truly blessed.And I love having him for a son-in-law.Looking forward to seeing the pictures from your little getaway last Saturday.


  2. Your blog is beautiful. I loved fireproof and am excited to see this one as well.  Couldn't agree with you more about our honorable and courageous men.  May the Lord bless all of them.Erin @ Rare and Beautiful Treasures


  3. You are SO lucky! I'm so excited for Courageous. I love Sherwood Pictures films. And your absolutely right, it is such an amazing blessing to have a godly father/husband. It's definitely something to be thankful for and to embrace! By the way, beautiful blog you have here!Blessings, Sydney


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