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31 Days of Progress Day 5 :: Just Get Up and Go

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Goal: Have at least 100% more fun than the last year, meet more cool people
Baby Step: Checked out the Hesston Barn Sale! {And made a whole fun day of it}

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First of all…whoa, what?  5 days in a row! {Pats self on back, then realizes there are 26 more to go.}  Just kidding. I have always wanted to be a more consistent blogger and this 31 day challenge is really helping me get it in gear.

Probably many of you reading this will know just what I’m talking about, but when you have dealt with several chronic physical issues it can really take up a lot of your energy! Maybe for you it’s depression, or a stressful family or job situation…things that distract us, wear us out and just plain old try to defeat us.  It’s a part of life.  Sometimes it can get the best of us and we miss out on some of this abundant life that God has promised us.  Well, I have recently decided to try to overcome that energy drain by just getting up and out more, little by little, so that I can hopefully build back up to what I consider a “normal” energy & activity level.

Last weekend, hubby and I headed about an hour north of our home to check out the Hesston Barn Sale. It was a beautiful day, considering we’re still above normal temperatures, the morning was cool. They estimated 1200 people checked it out!  There were people parked in a little grass lot and about a quarter mile down the road in either direction.


We were greeted by blue skies and a field of wildflowers when we got there!


Here’s a look from the entrance.


Here are Beki and I in front of her barn. I found out about the sale because I follow her blog The Rusted Chain. It’s always exciting to meet people “with skin on”.

She makes awesome jewelry and is just as sweet as she looks!!


It wasn’t a big buying day for us {just one of Beki’s bracelets for my niece’s birthday} but we had fun getting out in the country and checking out the “goods”.  I’ve seen pictures of things that were there & sold before we arrived, pair that with what we saw when we were there and we definitely plan to go again…we’ll just make sure we get there first thing!

We finished up at the sale a little after noon, so we decided to stop in the next town as we headed back south and ate at the Huddle House.  It’s fairly new around here, in fact it’s the only one in the state.  We chose it because breakfast is one of the easier meals for me to eat out with my food allergy, and the name sounded cute.  They did have to remake my meal, but that’s okay…people just really don’t get that a “few pieces” of what I’m allergic to is not okay. Someone learned to put “Allergic to Onions” on the ticket instead of just “No Onions”.  My new garden omelet was very hot and fresh and came with raisin toast, yum!  Hubby’s breakfast-for-lunch was good, too.


We rounded out our day of fun with some shopping errands “in town” {that’s what I call it when we shop in the city, instead of the burbs} and a family birthday party for my nephew Jared, niece Adelynn, Brother-in-love Kyle and sister Lynnette.  Here they are joining us in singing to each other with the birthday pies {something we tend to do in the fall}. Jared’s really feeling the Happy Birthday song, as you can see 🙂


Okay, so this was maybe more than a baby step. And I did wear myself out a little, but it was worth it for a really fun day…with cool people.

What’s something you would choose to do to add more fun to your life?

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5 thoughts on “31 Days of Progress Day 5 :: Just Get Up and Go”

  1. Oh, it looks like you had so much fun. What a beautiful day to be outside! Hubby and I have wanted to travel for all of our three and a half years of marriage. But aside from trips to visit family and two trips to the beach, we haven’t seen or done anything we’ve talked about. We’re finally getting up and going to Italy before the year ends! I’m super nervous but really excited at the same time. 🙂


    1. Yes, it was a beautiful day! Italy!!??!! {I will not covet my neighbor’s trip} Ha ha, that’s awesome…trip of a lifetime. Can’t wait to read about it when you come back 🙂 Italy is one of the places I would love to visit, but being allergic to garlic that might make eating there very difficult. (Just like I found out it’s hard to eat out in Africa – or anywhere, really – without eating onions). I hope you will have a wonderful time!


  2. Well Lisa LaRee I am so glad that you had a wonderful day! That Barn Sale was certainly popular…wow…just look at all of those cars! Whew!

    Glad you got to meet your blog friend. Beki looked like a sweet gal. I want to meet some of my blog friends someday too.

    The family birthdays are always fun. You captured it in the picture!

    I know I need to force myself to take some baby steps and get out and have more fun and enjoy life. Health issues sure do try to rob us and keep us from doing that.

    The wind is keeping me inside today. I just do not do well in the wind when my allergies are bothering me though.

    Hope your after school Bible Club that you teach goes well today. I am so proud of you!

    Love, Momma


  3. How cool that you were able to meet a fellow blogger in Hesston! Neato! I think Courtney and Jocinda live in Hesston. I’ll bet she headed over there!

    I clicked over to the Huddle House to see where it was and realized it’s up the road in Newton! How’d we miss that? We’ll have to check that out!

    Love that family birthday pic. Too funny! I love when we all get together.
    Love you sis.


    1. Fun, huh? They might do another sale in the spring…maybe we could go together! Huddle House was cute and pretty yummy 🙂 I know, I love everybody’s expressions in the pic…and of course Cubbie got in there, too!


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