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31 Days of Progress Day 16 :: Fall Decorating Blues

No, I’m not sad…though I was in a bit of a funk a couple of weeks ago about not having my fall decorating done.  I am trying something new this year by adding pops of cool turquoise/teal blue.  I love the way it contrasts with the warm golds, browns, burgundies, pumpkins & greens that are traditional for autumn.

It reminds me of fall leaves against a clear blue sky…or blazing autumn foliage surrounding a cool mountain lake. 

I love the contrast in color temperature.


By the way, I spray painted these 2 little pitchers last spring.  One was given to me by my mom when she was moving/down-sizing and was cobalt blue…the other was a 99 cent thrift find in a brown crackle.  Spray painting is a great way to repurpose a pitcher that you want to use for display.  This ocean blue was a high gloss.  I sprayed another thrift store pitcher in a satin green. Speaking of frugal decorating, the little oval wreath was another thrift find at $1.99 and the Live Love Laugh mini vases were picked up in the Target bargain bins last fall for $2.50. Yeah, baby!

What about you? Are you a traditionalist…or do you like playing with unexpected seasonal colors?

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