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Simple and Springy – Front Door Decor

So how’s your weather been?  I know much of the country has experienced an unseasonably warm winter and Southern Kansas is no exception.  In fact it’s currently 69 degrees here this afternoon – I’ve definitely got to get to work on my pedicure for the sandals and flip flops!

I actually love winter…and snow…so I’ve been a little disappointed with our fair weather of late.  However, I decided to let the springy temps inspire me to get my spring decorating done in a more timely fashion.  {I can’t help but be more timely than I was with my winter decor, which basically didn’t happen.}  I was ready for something different on my front door and was inspired by this darling bucket of tulips.


source (i think)

BTW, I would love to provide a link and credit for this photo, but I cannot find it! I did a search on Pinterest and Etsy but couldn’t find it.  I think a blog I read may have featured a friend’s etsy shop.  So, if you recognize it please let me know and I’ll be happy to give credit where credit is due.  I also don’t want to discourage people from buying someone’s wonderful handmade creations on Etsy, etc.  But in this case I think it was $65 – great if you’ve got it, but my current situation and priorities preclude me from doing so :).

Anywho…how cute is a voluminous posy of tulips?  I took a trip to my local Dollar Tree.  The “permanent” tulips were too big and too bright (solid yellow, red or hot pink) so I passed on those but found a smaller version.  I’m not sure if they are supposed to be crocus or miniature tulips or what, but they have the same basic shape and effect I was shooting for.  They didn’t have enough of one color, so I bought six each of a creamy white and a very pale pink. I already had the hanger, bucket and ribbon.  {Please pay no attention to the hideous door, we REALLY need a new one!}

Feb 22 2012 004

I could have spent more time {and $} to more “artfully” arrange the flowers, but I stuffed some newspaper in the bottom of the bucket, plopped in the faux-tanicals, tied a bow and Bob’s your uncle!

$12 + 10 minutes = New Door Decor

Are you ready for spring?

[Update 2/23/12: OK the perfectionist in me is tempted to be bothered by the couple of  wonky flowers…but I’m gettin’ over it.  We have a storm door – smoosh happens! :)]

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8 thoughts on “Simple and Springy – Front Door Decor”

    1. Actually, this was Southern Living at Home or Entertaining at Home (both have now merged into Willow House)…but Hobby Lobby or Michael’s often have very pretty ones!


    1. Thanks Mamasita! Yeah, I can’t believe one of the newscasts last night said we were going to “return to February weather” today…uh, no…50’s is NOT typical February. The temps we are having for lows might be “normal” February highs! Ha ha. I actually turned on the AC in my car yesterday!


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