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Spring Mantel On a Cloudy Day


March_21_2012 014

It seems no matter when I want to take home decor pictures I get a cloudy and/or rainy day…but I won’t complain because I love the rain, and we had an unseasonably warm and dry fall and winter! “Mostly Neutral” would be the way I would describe this year’s mantel.  I love the soothing, natural colors.

March_21_2012 017

I mostly “shopped the house” of course…except for the 3 pots above (Dollar Tree), 3 new half-price Michael’s birds (scattered around the house – I use birds year-round, which is why I like to buy birds that are in neutral colors), the real ivy plants, and faux grass (also from Michael’s – 40% off)

March_21_2012 018

I got the idea for the faux grass in the hurricane from Jen @ At Home in the Northwest. I used a battery operated candle with a timer – love that I don’t have to think much about lighting & blowing them out and they can be lit even when the ceiling fan or air conditioning are on!

March_21_2012 012

The Lettered Cottage

Have a Beautiful Spring!

6 thoughts on “Spring Mantel On a Cloudy Day”

  1. Hey Lisa…the mantel looks marvelous! You sure have the knack at making things beautiful!
    I love your taste…and this “Happy Spring” look!
    You have a way of making a house a home!!!!

    Love you!


    1. I think it just might be in my genes?? Ha ha. I almost took a picture and emailed it to you with the question, “Who lives here? You or me?” cuz it reminded me of my mama a bit!
      Love you, too!


  2. Love that you used my grass idea! And thank you for the link to my blog as well.

    Can’t wait to look around your blog some more!!



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