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Because Your Lashes Shouldn’t Make You Cry

There are enough things in this world to make a girl cry. Sappy movies. Cute babies.  Because it’s Tuesday. Wind. Dust. Allergies. My city is supposed to be the 5th worst in the country this year for allergies…cuz we’re Wichitawesome that way.  The last thing a girl needs is for the mascara she puts on every day to make her cry.  Yet, for approximately 120 20 years that was exactly what happened to me. I would finish off my eye makeup with a coat or two of mascara and immediately my eyes would sting and tear up…and sometimes continue to do so throughout the day.

Why not just chuck the mascara? I am blessed with decent lashes, but they are light brown.  I have a pale face.  And light eyes.  I need mascara.

I haven’t tried “them all” but I’ve tried a lot, from the cheapest drugstore brand to moderately expensive premium brands.  When I tried other “natural” or “organic” mascaras I would get the stinging, even if some brands caused a less severe reaction.  Then a few months ago I tried Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara.  I kid you not, it’s the first mascara I can remember that DOES NOT cause my eyes to sting and water!

March_21_2012 009

First, it’s called Gifted {who doesn’t want to be gifted, right?}.  Second, it has Amazonian clay in it.  It’s supposed to be good for us.  Why? I’m not sure.  Also, it’s “smart mascara”.  I value smart.  It only comes in black…but that’s the only color a grown up girl needs.  It’s pricey, at about $20…but my eyes are worth it.  I also like that tarte is a brand that values natural ingredients.  When it comes to cosmetics, gentle is important.  Our skin is our largest organ.  It absorbs stuff, people.  Think about it!

So, it’s gentle, but is it good mascara? I love it!! I don’t really need to add length, but at nearly 45 I appreciate a little added volume.  I broke down and took some pictures for you {edited to be kind to myself 🙂 }.  It was hard!  This is where I confirmed that my eyes have this weird ability to focus in 2 slightly different directions at once.  It’s creepy…hence the side shot.

Mascara_Shot {The redness in my eyes is from lack of sleep or allergies or both and NOT from the mascara, promise}

Why am I sharing this with you?  Just because we girls need to help each other out when we find something awesome.  I provided a link above merely to aid you in finding it if you need it.  I usually pick mine up at my local ULTA store, or you can also find it at Sephora.  Tarte has no idea I reside on this planet.

Have a beautiful {tearless} day!

1 thought on “Because Your Lashes Shouldn’t Make You Cry”

  1. I love those big beautiful blue eyes and those long lashes!!!!!…because they belong to my sweet and beautiful daughter!!!!!!
    So glad you found a mascara that doesn’t sting your eyes or make them water. I guess it is 20.00’s well spent!

    I am having so many allergy issues these last few days and I am going nuts! I am headache~y and itchy and miserable, and sneezing, etc. Yikes!
    Momma is sorry that you take after me in this respect.

    Love you lots!!!


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