Please Bear With Me!

**UPDATE 6/16/2012 10:56 AM: Mostly done – woo hoo! Things are pretty much presentable now – all that’s left is some organizing, and re-categorizing/tagging.  So, I’ll be back Monday!**

It’s redecorating time again!!  This time the plan is to stick with the design much longer,with the ultimate goal of making the site simpler, easier on your eyes and less complicated to navigate…

…but in the meantime it’s a bit of a mess!  I’ve added a category widget in the left sidebar so you can find your way around while I get the menu straightened out.  I started Friday evening to try to avoid as much site traffic as possible, so please forgive me for any inconvenience it causes you. I hope to have it all cleaned up by the beginning of the week 🙂

I’ve been away for a while, but lots of good stuff coming – including plenty of yummy recipes.  I hope you’ll come back and visit.

Have a beautiful Father’s Day Weekend!

7 thoughts on “Please Bear With Me!”

    1. Thank you lovely mama! The good news is I figured out the menu and am mostly done. All that’s left is some reorganizing of categories/tags and maybe moving a widget or two around – woo hoo!


    1. Thanks, Barbie! Abigail told me about it on Saturday. One of the reasons I decided to change child themes (though I was already on the Genesis framework) was this new theme was “mobile responsive”…looks pretty great on a phone (looks even better without turning the mobile theme “on”)! The way I had my former theme designed it wasn’t so awesome 🙂

      I am a pretty complex person, ha ha, so I can tend to overcomplicated things…make them too intricate. My goal was to simplify and stick with it.

      Can’t wait to see what Abigail does with your blog. Have a great week!


  1. Wow, your site is great! You must be a tech genius! Me, I have to pay to have my blog work done. :)Thanks so much for your encouragement on my summer mantel post.


    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. Tech genius, no…stubborn, yes! Paying someone else to do it is just not a budget priority for me, so about a year ago I spent a lot of time online learning just enough to be dangerous. I can’t design from scratch, but I can tweak what others have done. Wish you could come finish my summer mantel for me 🙂 it’s about 70% done and I haven’t found just the right couple of things to finish it off.


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