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The Number One Killer of Women

Do you know the facts about women and heart disease? Truth is, most of the research done and information disseminated in the past has been about men…but women are finding out that the picture is a little different for us, and that we are just as at risk as the fellas.

I decided to share about this on Go Red for Women day, because I am at risk for heart disease. In fact, in recent months I have had to make some important decisions about my health, including my heart health. Do you know the symptoms women can experience during a heart attack? Here’s a somewhat humorous, but important video which illustrates what it might look like.

Women, make sure you are informed and that you are advocating for your own health.  It’s no laughing matter. You are precious! Needed. Loved.

Visit the Go Red for Women website to get the whole lowdown on women and heart disease, or if you like, go straight to Symptoms of a Heart Attack.

Take care of you!

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