Oh, Yes You ARE!

There is something I truly know, without a doubt, no matter your circumstances…you are LOVED!

Spent time reminiscing with friends and family earlier today about Valentine’s Day during our early school days.  What I seem to remember most is that no matter what the “rules” were, there were ALWAYS children who broke them and excluded the children they didn’t like, or who were “different” (aren’t we all?) in some way, when distributing their valentines.  It broke my heart!  The very design of this “holiday” just ends up leaving some people feeling excluded…even unloved.  It’s one of the reasons it’s never been a favorite of mine, because it leads some to believe a bald-faced LIE!


You ARE loved…always have been…always will be!


2 thoughts on “Oh, Yes You ARE!”

  1. Oh I know it….those school days of long ago were even hard for me. I was one of the poorer kids…and I never had big fancy Valentines or candy to pass out. I just the simple cheap Valentines. Some kids liked me…but some did not. I tried to give a valentine to everyone…if I had enough. It is so sad that some kids get excluded.

    But on the other hand…I do love Valentine’s Day…all things pink and red and other fun colors…cuz I am a girl. I love the pretty heart shaped boxes and the pretty flowers. You know…the decorator part of me loves it. And… I love the fact that we “are” all loved by God…and most by family and friends. It isn’t the romance thing that I love…but the “happy hearted, loving feeling that I get on this day. I want everyone to feel special and loved and God is the only true answer for all of the people who don’t feel loved. It just makes ya want to love everyone…and share the love of Jesus.

    I am thankful for our loving Savior! ❤


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