Let Me “Q” You In

FINALLY! I love the seasons, but lately southern Kansas has been changing (like over the last several years) and we are getting shorter and shorter spring and fall seasons and milder winters. THAT is why I am so excited about Winter Storm Q!! Besides the changing weather patterns we have been in a nasty drought. Depending on which forecast you believe, we could end up with anywhere between 4 and 16 inches (forecasters disagree much?). For some of you this is a big ol’ yawner. Those south of us have been getting more snow than us lately, so I am excited! I say, if it’s going to come…BRING IT! What you see in the feature photo above is just the beginning…the teaser. We’re supposed to get our REAL snow tonight into tomorrow 🙂

My older dog, Riley has been raised as an indoor dog, but LOVES to go outside and stay there. The other one, Duncan, was an outdoor dog and we adopted him about 18 months ago. He has to be coaxed outdoors, then jumps at the first opportunity to come back in…go figure.

I’m going to stay safe and warm in my cozy little cottage (and hopefully get some cleaning & organizing done). See you again, soon!

Do you love snow as much as I do?

3 thoughts on “Let Me “Q” You In”

  1. Well I do love snow as long as I don’t have to get out in it. (:>)
    Yes,…it does look like Riley is enjoying himself out there! Is that a smile I see on his face? (:>)
    Hope Bailey will drive safely in this when she goes to work. (You know Grams the “concerned one”!! ha!)
    And yes…we do need the moisture!
    Dad went to breakfast this morning in Wichita with his former work friends…and on the way home he turned a corner too fast since it was slick… and he went up on the curb and nearly hit a pole. But my prayers were heard…and all was fine in the end! (:>) (Keeping him inside with me until it melts in a couple of days! Ha!)
    Love, Momma


  2. I love snow, but out here in California, at least my parts, I don’t get to see it. I love to look at snow. Did I tell you who I am visiting beginning March 26th? YOWPAH!!!!! Can’t wait!


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