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Weekly Planner – Free Printable


You might not be as excited as I am…but after writing yesterday’s post about my favorite feature on my weekly planner pages I realized – Hey, I can change a couple of things and offer it as a free printable!  So, as I’m trying to appreciate the little moments I decided I better act on that little inspiration.

I’ve often enjoyed free printables (including planner pages) offered by others so I hope this will bless someone in some small way.


  • This is undated, you just have to fill in the “week of” info and individual dates
  • I use a 5.5″x8.5″ (half-sheet/statement) planner, it is formatted to print 2 pages on one 8/5″x11″ sheet
  • You might note that the pages are in reverse order (in order to take advantage of the right and left margins for ring space), so after you cut it, take care when hole-punching 🙂
  • When printing the pdf file I suggest: 1)Use the “actual size” setting, rather than the “shrink” or “fit” settings*; 2) You can print these 2-sided, just make sure you use the “bind on short edge” setting [*I believe A5 planner inserts like Filofax’s are just a hair smaller, so maybe the “shrink” or “fit” options will work better for that?]
  • I’ve discovered that rounding the inside corners like this…IMG_5402

it makes the pages turn more smoothly (i.e. the inside corners don’t get caught up on each other).  I use this corner-rounding punch I bought “back in the day” when I created approximately 2.3 scrapbooks…



I guess that’s it.  Nothing fancy but it works for me!  You can download the file below.  Have a beautiful day!!

**6/9/17 – Temporary glitch due to the blog host move.  Will get the link to the download file re-uploaded soon! Thanks for your patience.**

4 thoughts on “Weekly Planner – Free Printable”

  1. Lisa, your blog is beautiful! Love the instructions with the printable. I often make my own binder pages, too. I learned a few things with your instructions that I’d never thought of before. Thanks for sharing!


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