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A Makeup Moment – PurMinerals Soul Mattes Palette


Beauty products.  I really like them.  There haven’t been too many posts here about them yet but I have to do a ton of research before I invest in them so sharing about the good ones may just help others out there like me!

IMG_5439This is supposed to be a moment, a short post, so let me get right down to my favorite things about this palette of eyeshadows.

  • The shadows are all matte – great for anyone, but especially for those of us more, um, numerically grown up than others
  • It is completely talc-free – my skin and eyes react in very angry ways to talc, so I don’t use it
  • The colors – beautiful, feminine, a little understated, great mid-tones
  • Plays well with others – easy to create a look with just this palette, or combine one or more colors with other shadows (a satiny rose gold or copper on the center of the lid – beautiful!)


These shadows are soft and silky and adequately pigmented.  Sweetheart (a pale pink that pretty much matches my skin tone) and Sidekick (a medium-to-dark reddish brown) are a little bit on the sheer side, but still gorgeous.  I have used all of the colors and found them easy to blend. Others have recommended this palette as a great bridal option and I would agree. There is some fallout, so gently tapping a brush or applicator into the product is my recommendation.  Speaking of that, the included brush isn’t bad either.

This is by no means a sponsored review.  I purchased this palette with my own money.  I even paid for shipping because I had been waiting for it and didn’t want to wait any longer for my local Ulta stores to get it in stock.  That’s one of the places you can find it, in a store or online at ulta.com or directly from purminerals.com, surely other places, too.  If you’re looking for something like this I recommend it!


1 thought on “A Makeup Moment – PurMinerals Soul Mattes Palette”

  1. Lisa,…Your make up always looks so pretty…and enhances your beauty without looking fake! I am glad you have found a good product which works well for your special needs and allergies.

    I can see why they call make up artists “artist”…because there is an art to it…and a talent. I hope this info can help someone who is searching for something like this. It certainly works well for you! 🙂


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