That’s MY Girl!


I spent last week with 23 students and 7 other adults from our church in the Beaumont, Texas area doing hurricane relief (both Rita & Ike) on our Summer Mission Trip. This is my daughter, Bailey, cheerfully bailing water from a hole surrounding a pipe that a man needed access to on their work site. Their team worked on a former nursing home in Vidor, Texas. Nehemiah’s Vision wants to use the facility to host future work teams, like ours, who come in to help with the repairing & rebuilding efforts. You gotta love a 16-year-old girl who doesn’t mind getting dirty, sweating and working hard to help out those who need it. Bailey’s spiritual gift is service…and she often shows it in helping through our youth group, shoveling neighbors’ snowy driveways, or just helping out when asked.

Another team from our group did some sheet rock, siding and repair work in an area home, and my team removed some flooring, did some repairs, and painted the outside of First Baptist Church in Rose City. First Baptist Church in Lumberton, Texas hosted us for the week and did a fantastic job showing us love and hospitality.

It was a great week of hard work, great fellowship (including a snipe hunt and an amusement park visit)…but most importantly, sharing Christ through our service. We are blessed with a super group of students and adult sponsors!! I’ll post a pic of the whole gang tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “That’s MY Girl!”

  1. That is so awesome that you all went to help hurricane ravaged areas for your mission trip! I live in a hurricane affected area and I can testify that it is devastating to see what hurricanes can do. I am sure that many people were blessed!!


  2. Delighted to meet you! Just found your blog, and your title grabbed my heart. I just had to splash around a bit. As a missionary mommy, the time you spent ministering will be forever remembered in the lives of those you touched, and those you served alongside.Hugs from this missionary mommy,Sarah Dawn


  3. I agree that Bailey is a spiritually gifted servant with a big heart. I am proud of her for being such a willing helper. What a picture of humility.Everytime you go on these Mission trips you work so hard, and give your all.I can almost hear the Lord saying,…"Well done thy good and faithful servant!" ((smile))I am sure that the people that your group helped are grateful.Glad you all had a little time for fun too.Blessings!Mom


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