3 Weddings & a “Figuring”

Okay, so it’s painfully obvious I have not found a “blogging flow”, but I think I have figured out what will work for me…but more about that at the end…

We are in Alma, Nebraska for my cousin’s wedding. My husband, Brad, is officiating. A great young couple who “graduated” from our youth group is also getting married today and had asked Brad to officiate, so I am especially thinking of them today, too. The 3rd wedding is not one we were invited to, but is the son of a friend…so knowing of 3 occurring today just begged for a theme. 🙂

We made the drive Thursday with my Mom & Dad (separate vehicles) and it was fun…including a brief stop in Cawker City, KS to see the “World’s Largest Ball of Sisal Twine”, how can you not stop for that? Here’s a pic of Bailey in front of it…

1244905858 (1)

Can you imagine the size of the CAT that would play with that???

It has been fun to visit with extended family we don’t get to see very often. Simon, the cousin getting married, was about 3 when Brad and I got married and has a cameo appearance in our wedding video. How fast life goes by, and how sweet it can be to be around young people (did I really just ‘say’ that?) just starting out in life, so excited about the future! When you are in your 20’s “the rest of your life” seems like it will last forever.

Now that I am almost twice their age, I realize how amazingly quickly “the rest of your life” flies by. I am also thankful that I can be excited about the future, because the best part of my future will be with my Savior in Heaven and it will last an eternity!!! None of this don’t-blink-or-you-might-miss-it kinda life!

…well, gotta get on with the doings of the day. Back to the “blogging flow” thing…it’s obvious I’m going to have to be either a late night or early morning poster, as the “when I can get to it” method is just not working for me, ha ha. I hope to be posting 2 to 3 times a week upon our return. But, for now, there’s a new life to begin for a sweet young couple, and wedding cake for ME!

3 thoughts on “3 Weddings & a “Figuring””

  1. Sounds like you're having a good time! I loved the picture of Bailey. Glad that cat that plays with the ball of twine didn't come and eat her. :)Love you.Lynnette


  2. Hi Lisa,…It's Mama. We did have a fun time at the wedding didn't we?!! And just being together on our little trip was great fun too.Brad did such a good job of officiating at the wedding. He's so wonderful! (And so are you my daughter!)We so much enjoyed having Bailey with us on the ride home. She's so much fun. I love her soooo much!I just sat down at the computer at 12:30 AM and boom it is already almost 1AM. If I don't get off and go on to bed, I will probably be on here too long and then not be able to sleep. So I will say good night. I hope you sleep well.Catch ya later.MomLoved the pic of Bailey in front of the giant ball of twine. I can't wait to see my pictures.


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