Cheezy, Imperfect, Fruity, Silly & Random

I don’t know what it’s been like in “yer neck o’ the woods” but it has been SO windy here lately!!  It’s blowing stuff off of things, and debris onto junk, and giving people with allergies major fits.  We’re all ready for some calm around here! Here’s some random stuff – like it’s been blown every-which-way…by the wind.

True story – while reading the blogs I follow about 2 weeks ago 4 separate and completely unrelated bloggers mentioned a penchant for Cheez-Its. Weird.
This is what happens when someone in my family brings a crazy hat to the party.
Which must explain why I have to have this cute sign I saw when Layla at The Lettered Cottage mentioned one of her sponsors.


I ♥ ♥ ♥ fresh pineapple!!!
I recently bought one and can’t believe I haven’t cut into it yet.  Seriously, I’ve been known to consume so much fresh pineapple I give myself canker sores. (P.S. I’ve done the same with See’s Candies Key Lime Truffles…oh my word, gotta get online and order some of those)
Oh, and speaking of ridiculous, I am quite fond of sniglets and purposely or accidentally made-up words. Tigger is my favorite Pooh character, so I actually use “recoginize” and “rememberize”.  I’ve also been known to let “exacatically” fly on occasion (Alice in Wonderland).  My darling daughter use to like to visit the “Buffalup” at the zoo, and when we’d smell that smell out driving, she’d say “Ewww a Stunk!”  We also like to add suffixes like -ify and -age to the ends of words, just for fun…like “Were you scarified?” or “Hey, stop the whinage”.  You should try it some time – but I warn you, its addictive!


Ah, but then there are the ones that happen accidentally (sometimes due to advancing years).  Here’s the one my dear husband let slip today that had Bailey and I almost snorting our lunches back up:


Well, this silly girl’s going to head for bed.  Have a beautiful day!

4 thoughts on “Cheezy, Imperfect, Fruity, Silly & Random”

  1. It's been allergy season over here. We've got swollen eyes and itchy palates. Love spring, hate the allergies. My mom's allergic to pollen, so it's pretty much death season for her. Lol. ^_^Those. Crazy. Hat. Pictures. Are. Awesome. Sounds like my family. We had these giant plushy pillows (they were literally longer than an average persons arm-span) and my mom and aunt stuck them on top of their heads. Then my uncle put them in his shirt (MUSCLES) and we all ended up wearing the pillow hat. ;-)Okay. I love that sign. I might need to get that. It's so true super funny. :-)I love pinapple! I know what you mean about the cankersores. But it's so hard to actually force yourself to stop eating them. They're just so good! Key Lime Truffles, hmm??I started the last sentence with "I love" but I'm gonna do it again! I LOVE made up words or funky suffixes and all. At our houses, we add an "ee" sound to practically everything at the end. Stems from my brother, Eli, who's two. We eat foodie, Drink a little Hoffe (coffee…Eli's language), etc…my brother is fondly named Da'bu (Caleb) by Eli. Hee hee…Fun post! :-)–Hannah


  2. I love how you silly people talk! I love the jester hat pictures! I never saw you taking them at the party.I love pineapple too…especially fresh! But I don't love canker sores. I've had a gazillion in my life time.Yup..I am so ready for this wind to stop blowing….my allergies are crazy right now.But I know it will stop one of these days…so I guess we can endure it while it lasts.Gotta go to bed~e~by.Love, Mom


  3. No No No!!! You just made me crave Sees Candies! But I would buy the butterscotch kisses!!! I'm with you on Pineapple, but it doesn't like me. I usually get tummy aches if I over eat it. Oh well – sometimes it's worth it! :)Love the Crazy Hat pictures. Brad's look on his face almost makes it creepy because he's not even really smiling! FUNNY!Okay, gotta run. Love you sissy wissy!Lynnette


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