The New Season of Life is Crazy Beautiful

Betcha thought I had quit blogging. No…it’s just that the month-long break I had planned to take became 4 months!  I won’t give you a long and boring recap of “What I Did Over the Summer Break”, but the synopsis is: A few awesome things, a lot of annoying stuff (like 1 a few about 20 too many food allergy reactions), and not nearly enough fun and relaxation.  I plan to make up for that last part this Fall 🙂

One awesome thing – Youth Mission Trip to Manitoba in early July.  Here’s a post-thunderstorm picture I took…

I know, right? I often wonder why we don’t see fashion and decorating influenced by “su
nset colors” more often, but
I guess we could never translate it as well as the Creator!

146414897Another different-but-awesome thing is that the hubster’s title has changed.  He is still Associate Pastor, but his ministry focus has changed from “Youth & Christian Education” to “Discipling & Family Relations”.  The students had a fun little “Not Going Away Party” for him and “prayed him out” as they traditionally do with the graduated seniors their last year at camp. It’s a little bittersweet, as we’ll miss working directly with students…but we are both excited about God calling us in a different direction in ministry and all of the opportunities and challenges that await.

Speaking of changes, what do you think of the blog’s “new do”? I really liked the clean look previously, but just needed a little more spunk and color for awhile. I’ve still got a little work to do, but I’m enjoying it so far.

It’s good to be back…I’ll not stay away so long again.  Have a beautiful day!

8 thoughts on “The New Season of Life is Crazy Beautiful”

  1. Hey welcome back Lisa! I love the new design. You did a great job. I'm impressed!!!Yes, your life is busy…and both you and I have all of the interruptions… with our allergies and our Migraines. But the Lord always brings us through.I know the youth will miss Brad, and you and you guys will miss them too. But you will still see them since you are still all at the same church! So that helps.It is exciting to think what the Lord is doing and how He will use you both in these new areas.Continue to enjoy Brad's week off.Blessings!Mom


  2. Well, sistuh! It's about time! I LOVE your new look! Just love it! And that after the storm picture is AMAZING! I wish I could see it larger to marvel bigger! 🙂 WOW! I'm jealous that you got to see that in real life!I didn't realize Brad changed positions! How'd I miss that? Okay, I DID see the pictures on Facebook and wondered what the "Not going away party" was all about. Sounds like an interesting new position! Tell me more.Love you! Glad you're back (stay back okay?)Your little sis (forever and always),Lynnette


  3. Welcome back Lisa! Your sister sure does LOVE you!!! I'm glad she sent us to visit.Can't wait to hear more about you! Super excited about your hubby's new position.Many blessings,Allison


  4. I'm back and I just clicked on the AWESOME picture and saw it bigger and WOW! I'm still jealous that you saw that in real life (not really). I wish I could have been there. WOW! WOW!!!Good morning!Love,Lynnette


  5. Thanks for the kind words (and Lynnette I made the picture bigger). I *think* I installed IntenseDebate for my comments, but won't know until my next post, so I can reply to the beautiful commenters di-rectly! Lisa


  6. Well, it's about time! LOL! I've been waiting for a post to come back and read.I think the photo is awesome! I agree… wouldn't it be great to have fashions in God's colors, huh!♥


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