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Brave Enough to Raise Questions


Why can’t I get it together? Who do I always feel worn out?

Timing is funny. I had already decided to post today about a new Bible Study I am getting ready to start with a women’s LifeGroup at our church tonight.  I love the ecclectic mix of women that will be participating and pray it will speak truth and encouragement from God’s word into their lives .  The funny-timing thing is, Angela Thomas just tweeted this morning that LifeWay is out of the workbook and reprinting.  That’s okay.  That just reassures me that I need to share it with you, because it shows that this study is resonating with women.

Angela_Thomas_Pic3I haven’t been through the study itself yet {dvd and workbook}, but Angela spoke on this topic last fall at our 2-state women’s conference.  Our women DRANK. THIS. IN. like it was the refreshment they were thirsting for after a long walk in the desert. The emotional connection that Angela established with them from the beginning was almost tangible.  She relates to women as a sister, a friend, and has a very comforting and reassuring presence…with a little humor thrown in.

This study means so much to me personally. Most of my life I have not lived brave, but I have wanted to. Many years I allowed myself to be guided by my insecurities, fears, and what everyone else thought that I should do. I have let common distractions deflect me from my goals.  I have let others’ excuses become mine. I guess I just fell in line and most of the time did what the good, nice people around me were doing and saying.

I am certain God has more.  With all my heart, I believe a woman who follows passionately after God can become a brave woman who lives according to His powerful Spirit.

-Angela Thomas

So, if you’re like me and you had heard about Angela but not read one of her books or participated in one of her studies, you should give her a try.  I think you will be glad {and blessed} for it.

2 thoughts on “Brave Enough to Raise Questions”

  1. Sounds great! I’m doing a Precept study on Colossians, the first one I’ve done. Loving it. So glad you popped by my place, and yes, I thought a bunch about Anne Shirley when we visited P.E.I.!


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