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31 Days of Progress Day 4 :: Find Your Inspiration

Category: Decorating & DIY
Goal: Decorate for Fall {Finally} for $0
Baby Step: Get Inspired!

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I’m telling you, today’s post almost didn’t happen!  Is anyone else out there having trouble ‘Gettin Your Fall On’? I’ve decided I am actually grieving the absence of fall weather. But now I’m telling myself to SNAP OUT OF IT! I know better than to choose whether I will celebrate and be joyful based on circumstances…and that’s what the weather is, a circumstance.

Hello, Pinterest! I’ve been pinning autumn inspiration since oh, May maybe? {Can you tell it’s my favorite season?}.  So that’s where I decided to start to be bitten again by the autumn bug :). There are many other sources of inspiration, of course – magazines {both print and online}, decorating blogs, tv. If you still don’t know about Pinterest and want to check it out, tell me in a comment and I’ll send you an invitation.  Here are some of my pins.

I love adding cool blues & teals to balance out the traditional warm colors

The colors in this photo remind me of cool, cloudy fall days…love it!

I almost chose “31 Days of Warmth” for my theme this month.  Warmth is what I think I love about fall. I love the warm colors, the need to dress warmer {well someday, I hope}, the way we nest. We start to light the candles again, bake with apples, pumpkin and spices, dust off the soup and chili recipes.  There’s just something about fall that says “Welcome” to me.

Want another, unexpected, source of inspiraton? Take a look at your pictures from last year! I suddenly remembered that I decorated for fall even later last year because we repainted, bought some new {used} furniture, and repurposed some thrift finds.  We started painting October 14, 2010 so I’m sure it wasn’t completely decorated until November 1.  That means we only got to enjoy it for a month or less before it was time to decorate for Christmas.  As I looked at the pictures I really liked what I saw, so very unlike me I have decided to copy last year’s decor!!! {Does someone want to take my temperature? ha ha} That will also help me with the “no cost” part of my goal! Maybe I’ll channel my fall creativity into spreading warmth to the people in my life :).

Here are a couple of pics from Fall 2010 at Casa de Beets

12-16-2010 021

12-16-2010 056

12-16-2010 071

I’ll save the mantel and share this year’s in another later post.

Do you change some of your decorating for the seasons? Have you decorated for fall yet?

Where do you look for inspiration?


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7 thoughts on “31 Days of Progress Day 4 :: Find Your Inspiration”

  1. Sooo beautiful! I love your fall decorations Lisa. Your little squirrel sitting on top of a candle holder is cute. And I like your glass tray with the amber edging, and all of the stuff you put on it….flowers, pumpkins and bird!
    I need to clean my house before I decorate. (:>)


  2. I’m with ya! I had a difficult time getting into the swing of fall even though I really do love, love, love this season. Last night I finally switched out the green and yellow in my kitchen for some orange and red. And I added a little pumpkin display to the sill of my bay window. So I’m getting there slowly but sure. At least I’ve been burning the Harvest candle for a few weeks!


  3. Your house is always so pretty. I love that you decorate for the seasons. I don’t do that over here – just Christmas really… but I like enjoying the seasons in the home through your pictures. 🙂


  4. Good morning Lisa,… you are doing well keeping up with your 31 days of posting! Good job girl!!! It is always a treat to see your decorations! You have such a knack when it comes to making your home look lovely and inviting!

    When I was tidying up the house to put it on the market, I cleaned out the cupboards in the living room that held my pumpkins and fall stuff and put them away under the stairs in the basement….AND I have never gone back down there to dig them out. I do love fall though and maybe I NEED to get my “fall on” over here too!!! Who knows…it may just make my home more appealing to a prospective buyer! We’ll see if I can talk myself into the trips up and down the stairs to fetch those items! 🙂

    Happy Fall!


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