31 Days of Progress, CREATE

31 Days of Progress Day 12 :: 5-Minute Fall Centerpiece

a.k.a. It Will Take You Longer to Read This Post Than it Took Me to Put This Together!

Category: Decorating & DIY
Goal: Finally Decorate for Fall for $0 Hardly Any $
Baby Step: Used what I had to make a quick fall centerpiece

– – –

Start with boring blank table 🙂


Re-use round natural placemat used for summer centerpiece.


Dust off faux-copper square container from basement stash.


This one needs a little ‘splaining’. Several years ago I snipped the little “ties” on an inexpensive grapevine wreath and sort of unwound it. It still maintains a spiral effect. I then wrapped a fall leaf garland around it. It has been fun, I’ve done all kinds of crazy things with it, including twisting it in strange ways and placing tall candlesticks amongst the mess.


This time I just kind of let it fall back close to it’s “natural” state and placed it inside the square container.


Next comes one of my favorite hurricanes. Again, I’ve had it for years. I didn’t use my hurricanes for fall last year, so this year I thought I would use a couple of them.


I just placed it in the container, in the center of the grapevine spiral.


Then I noticed it had lots of fingerprints from handling…oops!


Next comes one of my favorite finds from last fall…one of these little black reversible candleholders that I picked up at Dollar Tree for, well $1, duh!


Place it in the hurricane to give a little more height.


Another favorite. Over the last year or so I have been slowly investing in flameless candles. I love the newest ones that come in great colors and are scented for the season…and they come with timers!! All you have to do is turn them on at the time you want them to come on automatically each evening and they stay lit for 4 hours – mine usually go from 6:30-10:30pm. THIS one, however, was my first purchase maybe 2 years ago, before they came with timers. So, I just have to reach in the hurricane and turn it on when I want it lit. They are made of real wax and are so much safer. I still love “real” candles and use them, but flameless ones rock!


Put it on the candle holder inside the hurricane…




Now wasn’t that easy? I know, you don’t have the same items in your basement/attic/”prop closet” that I do…but you can still have fun re-imagining what you do have! While you’re at it, give God a prayer of thanksgiving for the pretty things you do have…He’ll help you appreciate them even more.

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