31 Days of Progress, LIVE

31 Days of Progress Day 13 :: Give Yourself a Break

Category: Living & Learning
Goal: Find Balance / Manage Stress
Baby Step: Learn to let go and take it easy once in a while!

– – –

I’ve sort of learned this lesson from necessity.  I’m a first-born, perfectionist, can-tend-toward-obsessive type of personality.  But, the older I get the more overdoing & over-thinking taxes my brain and body.  So, I’ve had to just learn to let go of my idea of necessary {which is waaaaayy too close to perfection}. If I don’t give myself a break from my too-high expectations once in a while…I start to resemble this fun little video my niece and nephew created a while back…

If you enjoyed the video, visit The Epic Cheese for some more creative fun and frivolity. I tend to like the music videos the best, sometimes I don’t quite “get” the other ones.  But, maybe I’m not supposed to…?

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