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31 Days of Progress Day 14 {a little late} :: Get Informed

Category: Loving & Serving
Goal: Wake up, rise up, love & serve my neighbor better
Baby Step: Become informed about needs and ways to help
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This was supposed to be Part 3 of Heart Choices, but I’ve decided to delay that a few days because of what I experienced last night.  I hope at least some of you saw ABC’s 20/20 feature Hidden America: Children of the Plains. {I’ve linked to one of the blog articles because I know that network news web pages change very often}.  I wish I could share the whole hour with you, but have included 3 segments below, and don’t know how long they will be available.

Diane Sawyer spent 18 months learning about the children of the Lakota Sioux that live on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  I already knew that the needs are great. After visiting the reservation 18 months ago, a family from our church felt so strongly that God was calling them to help the people of Pine Ridge that they developed a relationship with a mission church there.  The led several teams from our church over the next year to visit and reach out to the Lakota people. My daughter went on two of those trips and learned more about serving those in need.  This summer my friends moved their family permanently so that they could devote themselves full time to ministry “On the Rez”. They did this without any kind of formal financial support…just trusting that this is where God wanted them to be and work for Him.

The special pointed out that as many of 80% of adults living on the reservations suffer from alcohol addiction. The suicide rate is twice the national average. I don’t want to start a discussion about what has happened to Native Americans, but I do know that these are God’s people, too…and they need hope.  The stories we saw last night were heartbreaking, but we also saw hope for the future in the young people.  They have big dreams.  But, as one young boy put it, their road to these dreams is not paved and pretty.  Their road is muddy and difficult.


There are so many needs in this world, including right in all of our own backyards.  ABC has provided information about how you could help the children of Pine Ridge.  I know a missionary family who could also use support…if you would like some information about how you could help my friends reach the Lakota Sioux, use my Contact page or leave your email address in the comments {make sure you use something like (dot) and (at) to disguise your address from the “bots”}.

Just getting the word out about a need that is personally known…I think it is good for us to keep the discussion going, so that we don’t forget in our extreme wealth {and even in our tightest times most of us reading this are EXTREMELY wealthy in relation to most of the world}.

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4 thoughts on “31 Days of Progress Day 14 {a little late} :: Get Informed”

  1. I definitely want to know how I can help your friends. Tori and I both want to do a mission trip to an indian reservation next year. Our family is Eastern Band Cherokee and I’m wanting to get back to my roots to help. Let me know.



    1. Thanks, Michelle. I’ll send you a copy of their newsletter so you can find out a little more about them. Kurt was actually thrown from a horse a couple of weeks ago and got pretty busted up {several broken bones}, which just adds to their financial concerns. Remind me if I don’t get that emailed to you soon!


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