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31 Days of Progress Day 19 :: Organizing Spices {Done}

Remember this little project from this post?


I reached my little baby-step goal of getting it organized before I went to bed…BEHOLD!


I found out some little things like I had 2 full bottles plus a bag of dried bay leaves {good thing I’m planning to make some pickling spice and rework my refrigerator pickles}.  I also still had a couple of things that contained onion powder and garlic powder {to which I am allergic}.  I also threw away non-natural food colorings and a couple of things I’m sure were more than 10 years old.  The main point: It’s not perfect.  It’s not exactly what I wanted…but it’s done and it’s organized and I’m cooking more again!  Woo hoo – recipes to come!!

Did you catch this cuteness?

CupcakeCuteness The regular and mini cupcake/muffin papers in mason jars… insert heart-smile 🙂


Or this?

October_16_2011 013 The long lost pepper-grind-catching-tray-thingy!

I think it had been thrown in one of those baskets on the upper shelves.  I think it was part of an olive oil/bread dipping set we received years ago as a gift and this was the only surviving dipping tray.  It’s a little big, but it works.

In case you’re curious, here’s the breakdown.  Because I use the little stair-steps the best thing for me was to keep the most-used in the front row and the least used in the back.


Ahhh, progress!  My spice drawer will remain a dream for now…but commenter Sandy told me she bought baby food jars from eBay to redo her spices last year.  Just might have to check that out!

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11 thoughts on “31 Days of Progress Day 19 :: Organizing Spices {Done}”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful idea of storing cupcake/muffin papers in mason jars! I just put mine in some and love the fact that I will able able to see them and they won’t be smushed when it is time to use them. Thank you!!


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