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31 Days of Progress Day 21 :: Fun Just Gets Better

You’re never too old to have fun with your family…or to discover a new way of having fun together! Try googling family fun and see the images that come up.  For the most part you will see pictures of young families, with elementary-to-middle-school age children smiling, laughing, having fun together.  I think that’s a little sad. As children get holder I think the moments of hilarious frivolity become even more dear, maybe because they are fewer and farther between, harder fought.  My sisters and I {oh yeah, and the rest of the family} still know how to have a blast together…maybe we just need to be more aware of our bladders, hee hee. At a family gathering, or maybe a mass trip to the zoo, I think some of us “oldies” have even more fun that the young ‘uns.  Or maybe it’s just that we’ve grown wise enough to appreciate it more.

Anyway, my little family’s new-to-us fun discovery came about 2 weeks ago when my 18-year-old and her friend decided to buy and share a little pair of nerf dart guns.  We live next door to each other and they thought it would be fun for them during some of their hangout times.  Having one child, and a girl {even though she was a tomboy}, I was never big on the toy guns…maybe a super soaker squirt gun on occasion.


Bailey was pretty proud of herself when she would do things like startle me by shooting a little foam suction-cupped dart over my shoulder at the computer screen.  I soon realized it wasn’t very fair because I couldn’t fight back. I would occasionally ‘borrow’ her little pistol and plan a surprise attack.  It was good for some giggles.  Then last weekend my husband returned from a trip to Walmart with a funny grin on his face and said “Are you ready?” He had picked up these bad boys.  Our  first ambush was a doozy!


Poor Bailey was outnumbered and outmatched in ammunition.  Her little gun only held 3 darts, while each of ours held 6. Well, you know how these things turn out.  She has a little money.  She has a car.  A couple of days later I came upon this {I tweaked the photo a little, ha}.


Oh my goodness have we had some fun!! Yes, I have pulled a leg muscle.  Yes, I have laughed so hard my stomach muscles have screamed for mercy! It has been so worth it.  We do have to choose our battle times carefully. We can only play when the dogs are outside because they get a little scared, especially this one:


Have you and a friend or loved one discovered any new ways to have fun lately?

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4 thoughts on “31 Days of Progress Day 21 :: Fun Just Gets Better”

  1. I loved this post! Family fun~time is the best kind of fun! Those guns you guys bought are huge…but Bailey’s tops them all. So glad that y’all know how to enjoy life! I am enjoying all of these posts from you kiddo. I haven’t posted anything in over two weeks! Maybe I will do a post tomorrow.


  2. Some of my best memories from growing up are the times my brother and I played with my parents, laughing hysterically the whole time. You’re making memories that will last a lifetime here!


  3. That is so fun. My kids were so into those nerf guns for awhile, I kinda forgot about them. Truth be told we have been so busy with sports and school that we have not done anything crazy and kooky fun like this. Thanks for the reminder to be kooky and fun as a family!


  4. Maybe dad and I should buy some Nerf guns and liven things up around here! HA! HA! HA! (:>)
    That cracks me up just thinking about us ole’ Grandparents having Nerf Wars!!!!!!

    Love, Momma!


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