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Monday Stuff – Poison T-Shirts, Origami Flowers, Homemade Bread & Such

{1} My weekend started off great, and I was blessed to volunteer at the Women of Faith One Day conference in Wichita on Saturday.  This is a new format for them this year and I thought it was pretty great – especially for those who usually can’t afford the time or expense to attend the weekend events.  My awesome hubby helped me pack my lunch Saturday evening {since my food allergies would keep me from being able to eat the lunch they provided}, made sure I had cash and gassed up my car! I got to meet a bunch of new awesome people and hug some necks of a few already familiar ones, including Beki from The Rusted Chain.  She got some good pics and wrote about the day.  Check it out.

{2} Went to bed with a migraine Saturday night, but woke up Sunday with a much worse one.  I have what I call “Poison” migraines, that are just different from other ones and which, I am certain, are chemically induced.  If you are a fellow migraine sufferer you may know what I’m talking about.  It’s just different, feels like you’ve been poisoned {even though I’ve never officially been poisoned, that I know of}. It’s a really hard thing to explain to people.  I firmly believe the culprit was the pretty, brand new volunteer t-shirt I got to wear all day Saturday.  New clothing, as you know, almost always has chemicals added to it – to do things like keep the items clean, shun wrinkles, retard flames, etc.  I AM NOT discouraging ANYONE from volunteering at any event that involves a new t-shirt…I am just UBER-UBER sensitive to such things!! Guess my first hint should have come when I started off wearing it against my skin {since it was going to be a warm day} and I started itching.  The itching stopped when I put my other shirt back on underneath it.  You probably wouldn’t get a poison migraine from the clothing chemicals…I’m just special {sigh}. I would definitely do it again, but I would ask if I HAD to wear the t-shirt.


{3} It was GREAT to wake up today not feeling poisoned!!! THANK YOU, LORD! Sooooo…

{4} I baked, twice!  Muffins for breakfast and homemade no-knead artisan bread in the oven right now!  I tried the original New York Times recipe this time, but have also had success with another one.  This loaf is plain, no mix-ins.  Gonna smell goooood up in here soon! You mix up your dough and let it ferment on the counter for 12-18 hours.  Then you heat up a dutch oven with a lid and bake it in there.  The hot dutch oven with the lid creates a steam effect, which gives a yummy chewy bread with a nice dense crust.

{5} I folded some origami carambola flowers and am enjoying sprinkling them around the house with my Spring decor.  They’re not perfect {which makes them awesome} and I just used scrapbook paper that has been lying around doing nothing.  I’ve finally got the procedure memorized.  You start by trimming your square paper into a pentagon and then fold away.  This little adventure was inspired by Pinterest and involved the tutorial video here.  It’s even extra cool cuz it’s in German, but don’t worry there are subtitles.  Here are some of my flowers.

April_2_2012 005

April_2_2012 006

April_2_2012 007

FUN!  I don’t think I’ve attempted origami since elementary school.

{6} Have been blessed to also spend some extra time in God’s Word today, reading in the Old Testament and also working on my homework for Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah study…a tremendous way to start the week!

I’m linking up with the lovely Carissa today!

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Have a beautiful day!!

4 thoughts on “Monday Stuff – Poison T-Shirts, Origami Flowers, Homemade Bread & Such”

  1. i wondered if you met beki! saw on twitter she was there, too. how fun!

    i am so sorry about the migraines. i had my first one a few weeks ago and it was miserable. thank the Lord you are feeling well today!


    1. Thanks, Carissa. Yes, I met Beki last fall at her Barn Sale, so I was keeping an eye out for her on Saturday and she walked right through the door I was working! Those migraines are not fun, but something I’ve had to live with for about 30+ years now. I actually get them less frequently, but I’m getting more sensitive to chemicals and things I guess. Feeling much better. Thanks for stopping by today 🙂 Have a great week!


  2. Sorry you had to inherit those yucky headaches, allergies, and sensitivities from yo Momma Lisa LaRee. They are awful! I always say I feel “poisoned” when I get them…and “reborn” when they are over with.

    I am so glad that you enjoyed Women of Faith…and that you made it through the day ok. Maybe someday you and I can go to one of those if they come again to Wichita.

    Those origami flowers are awesome! They look lovely as spring accents! How fun! You are always coming up with the neatest projects.

    I always enjoy reading Miscellany Monday…and I sometimes join in the fun. Glad you joined in today!
    Love, Momma


    1. It’s not your fault…mine only feel like “poison” sometimes – like from chemicals (though the “regular” ones are bad enough) 🙂 Can’t let ’em stop us from life can we?

      Making the flowers was fun…and Carissa is a sweetheart!!

      Love you ❤


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