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Where I Am Today, As Well As About 1300 Others

Will have a B-E-A-utiful giveaway post coming later today…

…but for now I’m getting ready to go to my local (in) real life meetup! It’s a chance for (in)courage bloggers and friends to meet offline and build some real life community!  We started off by watching a live webcast at home yesterday.  The meetups happen today and there are more great webcast messages to view…though we think we’ll be so busy visiting at ours that we’ll have to watch them later 🙂

Even if you can’t get to a local meetup today you can still participate on your own or with a friend or neighbor, it’s not too late to register!  You’ll get the cutest little t-shirt, a great pack of DaySpring cards and have access to all of the great, encouraging videos online for the rest of the weekend!


See you later, gators!

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