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Crazy Good Deal on a Beautiful Hurricane Set (Update)

*Update: I just received my new sleeves already. The catalog shots are a little misleading. The color of the year-round sleeves is actually the same as the Nativity sleeves. Here’s a pic*


I have received many compliments on my Nativity Hurricane set the last 2 years, so when they are 50% off at DaySpring and now come with interchangeable sleeves for year-round use it’s a deal that’s just too good to keep to myself!

Hurricane Candle Holder Set - Includes Six Sleeves

Hurricane Candle Holder Set – Includes Six Sleeves

Did you notice that? Six Sleeves. That makes it an incredible deal for $44.99!

AND, if you already own the original set with just the nativity sleeves, like I do, you can order the new set of 3 year-round sleeves…and they’re half-price, too ($14.49)!

Love, Hope, Cross - Hurricane Candle Year-Round Metal Sleeves

Love, Hope, Cross – Hurricane Candle Year-Round Metal Sleeves

Here’s a room shot from my living room to give you another idea of just how big and lovely these are! I put battery operated candles with timers in them so they can go on and off at the same time every evening.


I’ve been away from the blog for a looooong time. And because I’ve missed you and just love you all so much, I’m also going to give you a little extra bonus…FREE SHIPPING if your order is over $30!! (I just took advantage of this myself when I ordered the Love, Hope, Cross sleeves and the ca-UTE Redeemed – Stand on Grace – Doormat!) Just use one of my links in this post (or one of the DaySpring banners in the right sidebar) to visit DaySpring and use the code “shipping30” at check out.

I hope and pray everyone had a blessed Christmas! We are still celebrating, preparing for Christmas with my side of the family on Saturday.

I’ll be back in the New Year!!!

3 thoughts on “Crazy Good Deal on a Beautiful Hurricane Set (Update)”

  1. Hi Lisa…glad to see a blogpost! That is neat that they come with another set of sleeves now. I am not crazy about the design of the new sleeves though,…but it is a good idea. (Maybe they look neater in person?) It would be a lot easier to just have to store the sleeves and be able to use the hurricanes all year! (:>)

    Your mantel looks so pretty ..and your whole house was decorated so nice this year! You are a gifted decorator!

    Love, Mom


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