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She’s Coming Baaaaaaaack! {plus important subscriber info}


It’s true, I haven’t abandoned the ol’ blog about the crazy and the beautiful (the weird and the wonderful)! I just needed to take a step back to reevaluate why I’m here in the blog-iverse. Time (a whole lot of it) has been spent praying, dreaming, planning, scheming. There’s no point in just taking up cyberspace without a purpose, a vision…some serious intent.


It’s not that so much is going to change here (except more regular posting and a little cosmetics), mostly on my end – in the planning and the purpose.  There will be one major change: I am removing my feed from Google feedburner.  There are some of you who have subscribed through feed burner, so this is your courtesy post…to let you know that I will be using my regular WordPress feed from here on out.  As soon as this post hits the feed I will be changing my settings, so I hope you will visit and re-subscribe!

**UPDATE** If you are an email subscriber I am in the process of moving my email subscriber list over to MailChimp, so you shouldn’t need to re-subscribe!

I’ll be back next week  (as soon as circumstances will allow me – should be today 9/17, sheesh!)…beginning to post again about the living, the loving, the eating, and the creating.  I hope you’ll join me!

5 thoughts on “She’s Coming Baaaaaaaack! {plus important subscriber info}”

  1. Oh what a beautiful blog design!!!! Great job Lisa! 🙂 Will I continue to get notifications of your posts on my email? I didn’t see a new place to re-subscribe. (I mean I saw the subscribe with email on the right side…but when I click on it noting happened?)


    1. Thanks, Barbie! I’ve really missed my blogging and am looking forward to rediscovering it :). Please do check BlogLovin…I’m trying to remember if it uses the feed url or just the blog url. I know I didn’t have to change anything in Feedly (where I’m subscribed to myself, ha ha).


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