31 Days

Sharing Moments for 31 Days


An alternative yet cumbersome name for this series could have been “Daily Musings During the Restoration and Recovery of a Formerly Overthinking Blogger”.  A couple of things have led to this series: 1) A strong desire to return to regular blogging (but overthinking it and thinking it has to be about something major – a big project, newly minted recipe, profound wisdom); 2) Realization of simple moments I’ve chosen to celebrate, record and reflect upon in other media lately.

So, that’s what the 31 days of October will be about here.  Choosing just one moment of beauty, reflection, weirdness or “whatever” and recording it for posterity.  Maybe there will be words, maybe there won’t…I look forward to what I’ll discover each and every day and hope you’ll choose to join me.

If you’d like to check out all of the Just a Moment posts just click on the image above or the Just a Moment link in any post.  You can also see a list of all of the series posts at the very bottom of any series post (just before the comments section). Of course, you can always use the subscription box in my sidebar to get posts in your email inbox, too!

Have a blessed month!

6 thoughts on “Sharing Moments for 31 Days”

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mary! I know, maybe they should just put the “overachiever” stamps on our foreheads right now, hee hee. It can be downright paralyzing at times (as evidenced by how lonely my blog USED to get – no more!).


    1. Thank you, sweet Barbie! I’m looking forward to making time to read more blogs again (though it might take me months to cruise around and check out the ones I’m interested in).


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