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Bittersweet and Beautiful

I almost hesitated sharing this as my first “Moment” for October, but it was one of my inspirations for my theme…

I am not a journaler.  I would like to be but have never mastered it as a discipline.  That’s one of the reasons I decided to add a paper planner back into the mix with my phone and computer.  It gives me a small space to mark the moments in life, as well as keeping track of appointments and to-dos.  I just started using it this very week.

Concurrently a dear, dear lady left this earth for her heavenly home and the news brought the sweetest recollection.  She had this way of making you feel like you were just the person she wanted to see at any particular moment…and you weren’t going to escape without a soft, warm hug and the sweetest kiss on the cheek (or two).  That is what I recorded about hearing of her passing,

(Name) passed away last night (date).  Going to miss her hugs & cheek-kisses!

I look forward to seeing her again some day in our forever home.  Until then I’ll hang on to the memory of those precious moments.

3 thoughts on “Bittersweet and Beautiful”

  1. Bittersweet indeed! I still miss my Myrna hugs and cheek-kisses. It is so hard to lose a friend…but when it is a home-going for them, we must rejoice that they are with Jesus!!!!


    1. Oh, I know…our Myrna was a great one for making people feel loved and special too, wasn’t she? I think she’s probably been trying to make Jesus laugh every chance she gets 🙂 ❤


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