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Earthquake, Really


This is Kansas y’all. Technically they can (and do) happen anywhere…but this is Kansas. We know about thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding, drought, the occasional blizzard, even the infrequent haboob (dust rather than sand). But these earth-shakes are somewhat new to us, which means we take to Facebook and Twitter to confirm we’re not just losing our equilibrium. My husband was born here and my family moved here in the late 70’s (originally from Southern California, ironically) and the first time we felt an earthquake was in 2011.  Some say it’s fracking, I don’t know I just know we’re still getting used to it.

Two days ago my husband and I were sitting in the living room about 1pm. He had been home for lunch and was just getting ready to head back to work. I thought I felt some vibration under my feet and he looked at me very casually and calmly asked, “Earthquake?” Then it got a little stronger and for the first time we actually heard some things in the house rattling. Thursday’s was a 4.3 and was actually in Kansas not Oklahoma, where they still like to laugh at our dramatic reactions because it has become such a regular occurrence for them. We are learning…and they’re really not that strong, you pretty much have to be still to notice them.

So we can all relax, unless Kansas starts getting Tsunami warnings because then we’re ALL in trouble!  Ha ha, have  a great day 🙂

3 thoughts on “Earthquake, Really”

  1. I grew up in Oklahoma but havent lived there in ten years – last time I was there to visit family there was an earthquake and I was sooo very confused…

    lol – thanks for sharing!


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