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Earthquake, Really

This is Kansas y'all. Technically they can (and do) happen anywhere...but this is Kansas. We know about thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding, drought, the occasional blizzard, even the infrequent haboob (dust rather than sand). But these earth-shakes are somewhat new to us, which means we take to Facebook and Twitter to confirm we're not just losing our… Continue reading Earthquake, Really

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31 Days of Progress “Day 25” :: I Love to Learn!

As I typed that title I couldn’t help hearing “I Love to Laugh” from Mary Poppins in my head.  I do that, do you?  I tell people all the time, “My life has a soundtrack.  You just can’t hear it.” Ha! Anywho…I’m finally back, sleeping a little better the last couple of nights.  Still waking… Continue reading 31 Days of Progress “Day 25” :: I Love to Learn!

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CSN Stores Giveaway – Yippee, My First!

Can you believe it?  My little bloggy has been offered the chance to give away a $25 gift code to CSN stores…woo hoo! CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find anything you need whether it be swingsets, fitness equipment, or even cute cookware! I’ve spent more than a few hours minutes… Continue reading CSN Stores Giveaway – Yippee, My First!