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31 Days of Progress Day 27 :: Baked Chimichangas with Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

This is actually a recipe I adapted from way back {I think from Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute Meals}…it’s really more of a concept than a recipe.  Don’t worry.  I’m going to give you an actual recipe.  Though you will see I had ingredients left over, so I’m not sure exactly how many it would have made.  What makes it part of 31 Days of Progress is that I revisited this easy meal I had almost forgotten about and tried it in a slightly new way!  Here’s the basics.

The ingredients. Notice the mason jar of pre-cooked hamburger?  I browned more beef in my crockpot!!…


Mix your filling ingredients {except the cheese}…


Wrap tortillas in a cotton towel and heat in microwave…


Preheat oven and prepare your filling station!…


Sprinkle, fill, roll & put on baking sheet…


Brush tops, sides & ends with more olive oil & bake…


If you want to, prepare your cilantro lime sour cream {I prefer fresh cilantro, but didn’t have it this night}…



Take your chimis out of the oven…

BakedChimisDone…and top with your cilantro lime sour cream {or plain sour cream, lettuce & tomato, black olives, salsa, etc, etc, etc…whatever you like best}.  Serve & EAT!

This was the first time I made these with something besides chicken, and the first time I used beans.  As I said this is almost more of a process than a recipe.  You can adapt the fillings to your liking!


Baked Chimichangas

18 Flour Tortillas {we like multi-grain, yummy & healthy! 10 was all we had, this recipe would have made 16-18 easy!!}

1 1/2 lbs. ground beef, browned and seasoned {mine was seasoned with my homemade chili powder blend, salt & pepper}

1 – 15 oz can of black beans, drained and rinsed {you could use your favorite or leave them out}

1 – 10 oz package coleslaw {pre-shredded green cabbage}

1 – 28 oz can tomato puree {you could use tomato sauce…I only used about 3 cups}

2 tsp. chipotle powder

salt & pepper to taste

4 c. shredded cheddar cheese

oil {I prefer extra virgin olive oil for the taste in this recipe}


Coat a baking sheet with oil.  Combine ground beef, beans, coleslaw mix, tomato puree, chipotle powder, salt & pepper. Stir. Wrap tortillas in a cotton towel {I would only put natural fibers in the microwave} and microwave on high for one minute.  Prepare your filling station. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Sprinkle about 2 Tbs. cheese near the closer end of one tortilla.  Top with about 1/3 cup of filling mixture.  Fold in sides, then roll tightly away from you.  Place seam side down on greased baking sheet.  When all are assembled, brush tops, sides and ends of chimichangas with olive oil.  Bake for 15-17 minutes or until heated through.


Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

12 oz sour cream

juice of one lime

1 handful of fresh cilantro {about 1/3 cup}, chopped


1 teaspoon dried cilantro leaves

pinch of salt


**This would have made several more chimichangas, but I ran out of tortillas.  I’m guessing it would have made 16-18, but I only made 10 and had filling & cheese left over**


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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Progress Day 27 :: Baked Chimichangas with Cilantro Lime Sour Cream”

    1. Both. It softens maybe a little, but stays a little crunchy, too. Cabbage is actually very common in actual Mexican cooking. Adds vitamins & fiber 🙂


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