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My First Pinterest Project: No Sew Vest

So…I have like 536 pins on Pinterest. Not all of them are recipes to try or craft projects to tackle, but a number of them are. I actually saw someone wearing this vest in person, heard she found it on Pinterest, and searched for it. It is literally no-sew.  All you need is 1 yard of jersey knit fabric that won’t unravel.  Being a bit larger than this lovely young lady, I made sure I got the wider fabric {58/60}.  Check the selvage edges, sometimes they will heat the selvages so they won’t unravel and it looks bad…kind of like hot glue. The selvage edges will be the front of your vest, so choose carefully.  You can go really lightweight (like a thin tshirt) for spring and summer or heavier for fall and winter, like I did.  The fabric in my first vest was my “splurge” because I thought the drape and pattern were so pretty.  Turns out it was half-price, though {SCORE} so I only spent $13 and got 2 different fabrics.  Not bad for 2 vests, huh?

Okay, so your first step will be to fold your fabric in half, wrong sides together…matching the selvage edges {i.e. your cut edges will be the top and bottom of the vest – the length (1 yard) is your top-to-bottom measurement, the width {60 in my case} is what “wraps around” your body.  You will probably need to even up your cut edges.


Next you will measure in from the folded edge.  This will depend on your size.  The Pinterest example was 6 inches.  Well, I don’t know about you, but 12 inches will not go across my back.  You need to measure from the middle of one armpit, around your back to the other armpit.  Divide that number in half and that’s how far you will measure in from the fold. I marked it with a straight pin.


Next you will measure 6 inches down from the top cut edge.  Again, I marked it with a straight pin. {note: I did 7 inches, because I am taller/bigger, but that was a mistake; I ended up cutting my arm slits bigger to make up for that mistake}


Now that you have measured in from the fold, and 6 inches down from the top…measure 8 inches down from that measurement and mark it.  This is where you will cut through both layers of fabric for your arm slits.  I used a cutting mat and rotary cutter for this.  If you decide you don’t like slits, you can “oval them up” like I did.  I felt like an 8 inch slit was not quite enough for me…in fact I ended up doing 10 inches for plenty of room.  I would start with 8 and try it on.  You can always cut the slits bigger later.


Here is a picture of my sweet hubby holding it up for you so you can get an overall idea…


…and here it is on me.  Funny facial expressions at times.  I was trying not to crack up at myself, which I tend to do when I take pictures of myself in the mirror. {I’m also standing on a tiny little step stool in the top and bottom ones so you can see more of it}.

Vest4  Vest2


I’ve seen them worn belted, too.  Cute on some.  I’m just not much of a belt lady 🙂

Pretty cool, huh?

Not on Pinterest yet?  Let me know if you want an invitation!

I’m adding this on to my 31 Days of Progress posts, which got torpedoed at the end of October by a couple of things, including a computer issue.


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34 thoughts on “My First Pinterest Project: No Sew Vest”

    1. You, my sis, have several long flow-ee things I might try to steal if I were your size 🙂 {Well, not really…but I would briefly consider it, heh heh}


  1. I like your detailed instructions and your commentary about changes you made to the original instructions. That will help me in making my own vest(s), which I hope to do this weekend. One question: How long does the vest drape in the back? I’m wanting to wear this with my jeggings, but I want to be sure I’m fully covered back there! Thank you!


    1. Ashley, I am just under 5’9″ and it covers my bum :)…hits just underneath in the back. Your yard is your top-to-bottom measurement, so it’s 36 inches – but a little bit of that goes up and over your shoulders.


      1. Thanks for asking…I hadn’t even thought about it, but I can make them longer in the future by using more than a yard of fabric {middle-aged mind delay} ha ha.


  2. I need to make these as Pirate vests for 11 girls to dance in a Pirates of the Caribbean recital! Is it basically the same thing. I know NOTHING of sewing. My daughter is one of the little girls. How do I mesure. I have already ruined 1 whole yard of fabric.


    1. Sorry for taking so long on this reply, Terisa (and probably too late for your project), I didn’t realize a tiny little change in the site where I host my photo files caused many of my photos to post as links. I have fixed it now, which should answer any questions. I really hope you were able to figure it out!


  3. I’m so glad I found this! I’ve been searching and searching the Internet for something just like this. I can’t wait to try it. If I’m reading your instructions correctly I could just use a piece of fabric a bit shorter than a yard to make a vest that’s a bit shorter. I’m 5’3″ and am concerned it would be too long for me if I used a yard. Thanks!


    1. Sorry I somehow missed your comment! I am so glad you had success with the project. I found mine hiding during a recent closet cleanup and need to bring it back into the wardrobe in the fall!


    1. So sorry, Allison! My blog started out on Blogger, so I had to have my photos on a separate server and Photobucket recently stopped offering the ability to do that for free. I hope to be able to start restoring the photos next week. I’ll start with this post! Thanks for your patience!!


  4. Really like this; your insructions, photos, and things you did/could do differently if bigger-sized were clear and understandable.
    Question—–how do you think fleece would work for this vest?


  5. How do you clean your vest? If washing, do the edges start fraying? Also,, I was hoping for picture of you showing the back…I’m really self conscious of my wider than I like backside since I’ve put on a few…Thanks for your post! I Love yours!! Terri


  6. Love your article but you have gone overboard on protecting your photos, it’s really hard to see what your showing.


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